UltraNEXUS-HD Cast

At an extremely low price point, the UltraNEXUS-HD™ Cast has been designed to be an accessible and feature rich HD-SDI automated playout solution with a 1TB internal hard drive.

Digital Video Messaging


UltraNEXUS-HD series video servers handle your video messaging needs without external hardware. Standard JPEG images can easily be created with the included browser-based Advanced Slide Editor or any third party graphics program to enhance your organization’s message. In addition, logos and attention-getting messages can be effortlessly incorporated as part of a normal playback schedule, or quickly created and activated as emergency messages. The onscreen program guide can be scheduled to appear at specific times as an individual slide or within the normal rotation of one or more slide shows. An easy-to-implement online program guide is also available.


For the utmost ease and convenience, use the included Virtual Channel playlists to automatically display slide shows, video clips, and external sources between programs. Save even more time by supplementing your generated content with the TOTAL INFO-HD™ dynamic video content service, which automatically displays graphics and text from a variety of user-specified categories, such as: weather, traffic, news, and more.


UltraNEXUS-HD Zone Templates and Advanced Twitter Integration


Engage viewers like never before with UltraNEXUS-HD Zone Templates! In addition to fullscreen playback, the UltraNEXUS-HD series supports multiple customizable zones. Use lower third messaging to keep your audience informed and entertained. With a dynamic, squeeze back template, users can add messaging on the right side of the screen as well.

TOTAL INFO-HD playing in an UltraNEXUS-HD Zone Template with Twitter integrated.

Individual zones are compatible with TOTAL INFO-HD, opening up tons of customization options with the service’s dynamic video content. When a TOTAL INFO-HD subscription is enabled, both the main and lower third zones can integrate with Twitter — add tweets from up to five different Twitter accounts for no extra cost.

Broadcasting and Streaming


UltraNEXUS-HD series video servers are designed to fit into a wide variety of HD/SD video workflows. The UltraNEXUS-HD Cast not only fulfills broadcasting needs, it easily accommodates live web streaming for viewers to watch your events online while they happen. Simply connect the IncodeX Vier®, or IncodeX Stream™ live streaming media encoders to an output on an UltraNEXUS-HD Cast. The encoder captures and delivers the stream to the VieBit® live web streaming service, making the event immediately available to viewers with minimal impact on a local network.

UltraNEXUS-HD series video servers are versatile and full-featured. Contact a LEIGHTRONIX sales representative at (800) 243-5589 or sales@leightronix.com for more information or to schedule a web demo.

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