Easily monitor and update installations without security concerns or additional infrastructure.

A Secure, Integrated Solution

The SignCell® line of products and services offers:

  • Cellular solutions that are designed for direct integration with most BrightSign® digital signage players
  • A secure, private cellular network data plan that is not exposed to the public internet
  • Access to a BrightSign Network portal customized for your needs
  • Full remote node access and monitoring
  • A cost-effective and easy to deploy solution
  • Digital signage content creation

Why SignCell?

  • Corporate networks are restrictive due to security concerns
  • SignCell® avoids this with a dedicated cellular connection

Using a private, 4G connection, SignCell® offers the very best in secure content delivery and status monitoring for digital signage. Instead of connecting to the public internet, SignCell® modems are set up with a secure virtual private network (VPN) tunnel. The SignCell® modem VPN is fully isolated from all other network traffic, and connects only to the SignCell® network headend.


  • SignCell® modems come preconfigured and ready to use, offering quick and simple setup
  • Automatically update any number of digital signage units remotely and simultaneously


  • Operates outside of the public internet with a private cellular network
  • Avoids connecting outside equipment to your organization’s network
  • Aids in HIPAA and PCI compliance


  • Pricing plans for SignCell® are based on actual use, not a recurring data fee you may or may not use
  • Far less expensive than updating units individually, or adding new infrastructure

Securely manage remote locations without any additional infrastructure with SignCell®. Contact sales for more information.