VieBit Video-on-Demand

A Personalized Online Video Library With a Streamlined Workflow

Ready-Made Website

Every VieBit® video-on-demand web streaming subscription comes with a ready-made website to display your video content. Easily brand the site to fit your organization with a completely customized URL address and numerous branding options. With custom folders, search, and sorting options, VieBit’s intuitive navigation ensures your audience finds what they’re looking for.

Advanced Management Options

Videos can be uploaded directly via VieBit’s administrative interface, or with a compatible LEIGHTRONIX encoder. The administrative interface offers robust management options, such as easily added in/out points and unique embed codes for each video file.

Additionally, VieBit® subscribers can create video index points that let users jump to specific points of interest within a video and even link to things like external websites or documents.

Compatible With Popular Devices

Viewers can watch your VOD content on all popular computers, tablets, and smartphones. VieBit is compatible with iOS and Android mobile operating systems, as well as macOS and Windows.

Integrates With LEIGHTRONIX Record and Broadcast Solutions

The VieBit® web streaming service is designed to integrate seamlessly with LEIGHTRONIX broadcast and recording solutions to provide you with an efficient, streamlined workflow. UltraNEXUS®-HD series video servers create high-quality digital media files for television broadcasting as well as files optimized for VOD web streaming. The IncodeX Vier encoder can also capture files for VOD web streaming. Once recorded, these LEIGHTRONIX solutions will automatically transfer the files to your VieBit® account.


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