IPTV for Marine, Oil, and Gas Applications

Interactive Television Designed for Marine, Oil, and Gas Environments

Whether You're Managing an Offshore Drilling Rig or a Fleet of Freighters, LEIGHTRONIX Offers Interactive Television Solutions for Vessels of Any Size. Provide Your Crew With a Full Suite of Exciting Features Using this Versatile IPTV Solution.

Entertain your crew with the hundreds of available, high-definition broadcast channels that can be customized to suit your needs. Using addressable remote controls provides a perfect solution for multi-bed crew quarters.

LEIGHTRONIX IPTV solutions flawlessly integrate with high-density satellite systems from DIRECTV, giving your crew access to the same HD content typically available to them at home.


Make Your Video-on-Demand Library a Hub for Endless Video Content With Crew Safety, Education, and Entertainment.

Safety Videos On-Demand

Help protect your crew and your vessel with quick access to on-demand safety videos.

Crew Education Videos Available On-Demand

Provide your crew with easy access to training videos.

Group Education & Training Available On-Demand

Make safety, training, and educational content available for group training sessions.

Crew Entertainment Content Available On-Demand

Crew members can watch the latest movies and tv shows with all of the comforts of home entertainment.

Digital Signage

Share Your Messaging Your Way. Make Announcements, Build Cafeteria Menus, and More!

Standard Digital Signage

LEIGHTRONIX IPTV solutions provide five digital signage channels as a standard feature that can be expanded based upon your needs.

Enhanced Digital Signage

For more advanced digital signage, enhanced solutions are available with video and audio in customizable zones including optional cloud-based asset contribution.

Fully Customizable Interactive User Portals

Create your own look and feel with backgrounds, icons, and color schemes that can vary by location. Easily navigate the on-screen menus with addressable remote controls, a perfect solution for multi-bed crew quarters.

View Live Video as a Channel on Any Display

Broadcast Live Events to All Displays or Groups of Displays

Easily Incorporate Live Camera Feeds as Dedicated Channels and Control Which Displays Can View Them

Monitor CCTV From Any Authorized Location on Your Vessel

Emergency Alerts and Notifications

Emergency Alerts or Weather Updates? Push an Alert Out to a Group or to All Televisions From Any Source.

Alert Notifications Displayed Over Channels

Weather icons, warning symbols, or a text message can be laid over active video content on any number of displays.

Full Screen Emergency Alerts

Full screen alerts can override any or all channels. Supplement your existing safety systems or manually activate alerts with the Total Alert System (TAS) option.

Notifications and Emergency Alerts Can Be Triggered in Multiple Ways

Using a mobile device, hardware, or secure software trigger, the LEIGHTRONIX TAS option can force all displays (or groups of displays) to power on, play content, change audio settings, and more!

Force Power On and Set Volume

Our Smart IPTV displays can be triggered to turn on automatically and set the volume to a predetermined level.

PAGA Video Mute

Adjust the volume or mute the displays entirely with multiple settings triggered by PAGA systems.

Relaxation Channels for Your Crew

Display beautiful, high-definition video on a wide variety of displays with LEIGHTRONIX IPTV solutions. Keep your crew relaxed with soothing images and music on any display.

Your Data Displayed as a Channel

Incorporate Your Data From Multiple Sources, Available on Dedicated Channels to All Displays or Groups of Displays


If You Can Visualize It, You Can Make It a Channel!



Your Data From Various Sources

Weather Displayed as a Channel

Display Dedicated Channels of Full Screen, Dynamic Weather Content

On-Shore Local Weather

National Radar

National Satellite

National Temperatures

Electronic Program Guide

Automatic Program Guide

LEIGHTRONIX IPTV solutions automatically generate program guide information without the need for recurring subscriptions. You can even add your custom channels to the program guide.

Automatic Program Information

The program guide and program information is custom per display or groups of displays, so only the approved channels and program information are shown on-screen and in the guide.

External Control

Provide seamless touch screen control over your entire IPTV system using the ipMerge API coupled with a wide variety of third-party control systems. When a handheld remote control does not fit end-user needs, LEIGHTRONIX has you covered with a powerful remote control application programming interface (API).

Useful Areas to Display IPTV

The Flexibility of a LEIGHTRONIX IPTV Solution Allows You to Easily Add Video in Multiple Locations, While Controlling the Content Available on Each Display

Crew Quarters

Lounge Areas

Mess Hall

Fitness Area

Meeting Spaces

Control Rooms

Rec Room

Display Options

Integrated Smart IPTV Displays

Utilizing full integration with Pro:IdiomĀ® DRM technology, our Smart IPTV displays are available in a variety of sizes, offering a rich interactive television experience with minimal cabling: just one ethernet and one power cable.

Add Versatility Using Set-Top Boxes

For installations that already have television displays, or locations with a video wall, projector, or other display type, LEIGHTRONIX has the perfect set-top box solution providing the full interactive IPTV experience.


Features at a Fraction of the Cost From Other Manufacturers