Meet the ipMergeNX - The Fusion of LEIGHTRONIX IPTV and NEXUS Powered Broadcast

With Endless Features and Stunning Video, Your Content Never Looked Better!

Browser-Based Management Interface

Browser-based management and scheduling with a comprehensive dashboard and complete control of the ipMergeNX.

Automatic Gap Filling

The HD-SDI output will fall back to a predetermined source at the end of scheduled playback to automatically fill in gaps in your scheduled content.

Internal Mirrored Storage

Flexible solid state drive (SSD) storage options that include 2TB or 4TB configurations with robust ZFS mirrored mode protection.

Live Video Passthrough

Easily pass through video from the HD-SDI input (up to 3G-SDI 1080p60) for simultaneous live broadcast and recording.

Broadcast IP Streamed Content

Live broadcast of IP streamed content sent to the ipMergeNX using unicast or multicast transport stream (MPEG-TS) over UDP.

One Channel HD-SDI Input and Output

One HD-SDI input and one HD-SDI output (BNC, up to 3G-SDI 1080p60 with embedded audio). Supports 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.

The ipMergeNX combines the best of broadcast and IPTV technologies to provide a comprehensive video solution for both your broadcast channel and your in-house video communications and digital signage needs.

Digital Signage

Share Your Messaging Your Way. Fill Gaps in Your Broadcast Schedule and Welcome Visitors, Promote Events, Inform Community Members Using IPTV.

Standard Digital Signage

The base system includes five digital signage channels, with options to expand, that can be used for both your broadcast channel and digital signage displays within your facility.

Enhanced Digital Signage

For more advanced digital signage, enhanced solutions are available with video and audio in customizable zones with cloud-based asset contribution.


Make Your Video-on-Demand Library a Hub for Facility-Wide Staff Training and Education Videos Using IPTV.

Staff Education Videos Available On-Demand

Train staff on standard operating procedures, health, safety, and other informational topics with on-demand videos.

Video-on-Demand for Your Employees and Your Visitors

Inform, educate, and entertain with your library of video content on-demand.

Group Education and Training Available On-Demand

Make safety, training, and educational content available for group training sessions.


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