Medical IPTV

Interactive Television for Medical Facilities

We all spend time in medical facilities at one point or another — why not make the experience as positive as possible? Greatly improve patient comfort and reduce stress by providing easy to use interactive television that mirrors the experience we have at home. Alongside traditional television channels, patients and caregivers can benefit from a wide variety of training, education, and safety videos available on-demand, as well as full-length movies and so much more!

Smart TVs for Patient Rooms

With the necessary certifications for a medical environment, and an integrated pillow speaker interface, our Smart IPTV displays can be VESA mounted for easy access and flexible viewing. Utilizing full integration with Pro:Idiom® DRM technology, our displays come in a variety of sizes and offer a rich LuxeVision® IPTV experience. Features include:

  • A wide variety of resolutions, including full HD and Ultra HD/4K
  • Embedded Pro:Idiom decryption
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) with HDR10 compatibility

Smart TVs for Common Areas

In addition to the options above, we have a wide selection of Pro:Idiom integrated monitors perfect for common areas that can either be VESA mounted or placed in a free-standing orientation. Keep visitors occupied with LuxeVision IPTV powered monitors mounted in private rooms.

Set-Top Box

For installations that already have television displays, or locations with a video wall, projector, or other display type, LEIGHTRONIX has the perfect set-top box solution. Features include:

  • Embedded Pro:Idiom decryption for non-Pro:Idiom TVs
  • LuxeVision IP streaming supports live television, on-demand video, digital signage, LEIGHTRONIX Total Alert System (TAS), and more
  • Supports full HD (up to 1080p) and Ultra HD/4K (3840 x 2160) output resolutions

Integrated Video-on-Demand Server

One of the most powerful features of a LEIGHTRONIX LuxeVision IPTV system, the integrated video-on-demand (VOD) server is capable of outputting five VOD streams at once, supporting multiple interactive controls. If the five VOD streams included as standard aren’t enough, LEIGHTRONIX offers expanded VOD capacity by way of optional, dedicated VOD servers that can be scaled to support VOD needs.

Integrated Multicast Server

Imagine having file-based video programming that you could view on a dedicated channel 24/7. The LEIGHTRONIX LuxeVision ipMerge includes a powerful, file-based multicast server that is capable of outputting five simultaneous channels of programming based on a user-programmable list of files per channel. If five channels aren't enough, consider the LuxeVision standalone multicast server, which adds 25 channels per server.

Digital Signage Channels

Digital signage is everywhere, and LuxeVision IPTV solutions make integration of digital signage into your facility a seamless process. Anywhere from one to dozens of LEIGHTRONIX NNA-5000e digital signage sources can be managed easily over the cloud or at a centralized location. Video, images, RSS feeds, text, audio, and more are all easily scheduled into a signage presentation that can be organized in multiple zones.

Touch Screen Via Crestron and More

When a handheld remote control doesn't fit end user needs, LuxeVision has you covered with a powerful remote control application programming interface (API) that is secured with custom generated tokens, and includes a full suite of control and status elements. Multiviewer locations where keeping track of a remote control would be problematic benefit from a centralized control system based on Crestron control systems.

On-Screen Alerts

LuxeVision includes an alert feature that allows the IPTV system manager to display one or more on-screen alert images. Weather symbols, warning symbols, or a text message can be laid over active video content on any number of endpoints.


Add the LuxeVision Total Alert System (TAS) option and trigger on-screen notifications from hardware or secure software sources, forcing all or a group of displays to perform a wide variety of emergency notification functions.

Total Alert System (TAS) for IPTV

Supplement your existing safety systems with the Total Alert System (TAS) option. Using a hardware or secure software trigger, and dependent upon the types of endpoints deployed, the LuxeVision TAS option can force all displays, or group of displays, to perform a wide variety of emergency notification functions.


Display dedicated channels of fullscreen, dynamic video content with TOTAL INFO-HD™. Select from a catalog of services provided by LEIGHTRONIX to create looping playlists of content, such as national and local weather maps and forecasts. Easily add separate channels for major metropolitan traffic conditions, news headlines, customized stock market data, and more. Best of all, TOTAL INFO-HD subscriptions for IPTV are affordable and require no maintenance.

Art Channels for IPTV

Ditch the canvases — display beautiful, high-definition imagery on a wide variety of compatible displays with LEIGHTRONIX IPTV solutions. Keep visitors and employees engaged with stunning art at any location.


Branding is a cornerstone marketing concept. Consistent and persistent branding associated with a high-quality user experience helps brands really stand out from the crowd. The LuxeVision IPTV system lets you leverage your brand with watermarking on one, some, or all channels. The entire screen is your marketing canvas.

DIRECTV COM3000 and COM2000 Integration

The DIRECTV COM2000 has become the gold standard for high-density, IP output reception of DIRECTV programming with Pro:Idiom encryption. The LuxeVision IPTV system is not only fully compatible with DIRECTV streams, but offers powerful integration options for COM2000 and the new COM3000 systems, including active program guide information and channel information synchronization.

Program Guide

LEIGHTRONIX offers multiple options to automatically generate active program guide information. Current and upcoming program information can automatically be pulled from a service or from the DIRECTV COM3000 or COM2000 receiver and displayed on-screen. Ask your LEIGHTRONIX sales representative for more details on LuxeVision program guide options.

4K Output

As the availability of 4K content increases, rest assured that your LEIGHTRONIX LuxeVision IPTV system has you covered. All new LEIGHTRONIX LuxeVision set-top boxes are 4K ready. Many of the Smart IPTV displays sold by LEIGHTRONIX are also 4K ready. Let your LEIGHTRONIX sales representative know if 4K is on the horizon for your next video communications system.

Pro:Idiom Encryption

Commercial content encryption is a must in modern television systems. LEIGHTRONIX is proud to be a licensee of Pro:Idiom® video encryption, a trusted standard within the commercial content industry. Backed by the power of LG and Zenith Electronics, Pro:Idiom is the best choice for robust, yet affordable content encryption. Additionally, Pro:Idiom is fully compatible with DIRECTV COM-series satellite receiver systems.

Small Footprint

The LuxeVision ipMerge packs a great deal of power in only one rack unit (1.75") of space, providing professional middleware, a video-on-demand server, and a multicast server, in only a fraction of the space typically required for a comparable IPTV system.

Browser Management

Access the LuxeVision management console using any standard browser. The LuxeVision ipMerge management interface is browser-based, with no special software required to control the system. Access the LuxeVision ipMerge from anywhere in the world using standard desktop remote control software or VPN technology.

Enterprise Middleware

Far too many IPTV systems are a simple “channel up and channel down” arrangement. With overlay capability, emergency alerts, VOD, and so many other features, the LuxeVision IPTV system does not follow suit. Acting as a director for the IPTV system, custom LEIGHTRONIX middleware makes managing LuxeVision’s expansive features a breeze.

Endpoint Groups

With LEIGHTRONIX IPTV solutions, groups of endpoints can be created and named, then used as targets for multiple operations, such as assigning channel bundles, control, and more.

Channel Bundles

Create multiple, named channel bundles, easing the assignment of channels to displays within an IPTV system. For example, one bundle named “Executive” could be used to define channels received by corporate executives within an organization, while another named “Meeting Rooms” could be assigned to meeting spaces.

Comprehensive Logging

Sometimes it is necessary to retrace the steps of a process or a series of events. LEIGHTRONIX recognizes this and is committed to providing customers with comprehensive logging processes and tools.

Additional Video-on-Demand Server

While the integrated VOD server in a LuxeVision ipMerge is capable of outputting five VOD streams at once, additional streams are easily added. Optional, dedicated VOD servers can be scaled to support all of your VOD needs.

Additional Multicast Server

Every LuxeVision ipMerge includes a multicast server with 5 dedicated channels, but for workflows demanding more, LEIGHTRONIX offers additional, scalable multicast servers. Each server is capable of outputting 25 simultaneous channels of 24/7 programming based on a user-programmable list of files per channel.

Remote Management as a Service

Although management of a LuxeVision IPTV system is very straightforward, sometimes it makes sense to leverage LEIGHTRONIX LuxeVision support as a service for system management. LEIGHTRONIX offers several options to include scheduled support and maintenance via WebEx, VPN, or even an innovative LEIGHTRONIX SignCell™ 4G LTE cellular management connection.

Custom Control Solutions

LEIGHTRONIX IPTV solutions are flexible and customizable to near limitless degrees. If you have a project in mind that doesn’t fit perfectly into what we already offer, contact your LEIGHTRONIX sales representative and ask about our custom solutions.

First-Run Movies and
Television Shows

A trip to a medical facility doesn’t have to keep you from your favorite video content. LEIGHTRONIX IPTV solutions offer the latest movies and television shows for a diverse selection of video-on-demand entertainment.


Your LEIGHTRONIX LuxeVision IPTV systems are supported by a company known for best in class support for over three decades. We understand that your IPTV system is an important part of your overall communications plan. As such, we extend our renowned support via telephone, email, WebEx, and on-site access. A variety of support packages are available. Ask your sales representative for details.

Have questions about IPTV solutions in marine environments? Contact a LEIGHTRONIX sales representative at (800) 243-5589 or for more information.

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