LuxeVision ipMerge

The LuxeVision ipMerge™ IPTV solution is an extremely versatile, affordable, and highly scalable platform designed for a variety of applications. Starting with a full-featured model that supports as many as 50 endpoints (set-top boxes and/or Smart IPTV displays), the LuxeVision ipMerge can expand to support thousands of endpoints within a single system. The LuxeVision ipMerge is an all-in-one solution that includes an application server with ready-to-go middleware, a multichannel video-on-demand server, and a multichannel multicast server within a one rack unit platform. The LuxeVision ipMerge delivers live television and video-on-demand (VOD) services using standardized processes over multiple transport technologies. Thanks to the system’s advanced graphic capabilities, making your IPTV system your own is easy, with expansive overlays, branding, and graphical slide options.

Ready-to-Go Middleware

LuxeVision ipMerge middleware (system control, monitoring, and user interface) includes advanced services that are simple to administer and maintain. When combined with a wide variety of IP video sources, the LuxeVision ipMerge enables operators to deliver customized navigation and information to select Smart IPTV displays and set-top boxes. Best of all, the LuxeVision ipMerge is easily managed using any standard browser.


Corporate Communications • Onboard Television • Oil Platforms • Correctional Facilities • Multidwelling Units • Military Installations • Campus Communications • Event Venues • Private Communities



Electronic Program Guide

Easy-to-use, intuitive navigation

Designed for Interactive IP
Video Sources

Enables navigation and control of state-of-the-art services, such as video-on-demand, playlists, custom channels, and configurable channel bundles

Advanced Graphic Capabilities

Easily add overlays, branding elements, and graphical slides

Total Alert System (TAS) for IPTV

Force all displays, or groups of displays, to perform a wide variety of emergency notification functions using software or optional hardware triggers

User-Level Granularity

Control and customization for any single endpoint, groups, or all endpoints

Included in LuxeVision ipMerge

An all-in-one solution that includes an application server with middleware, a multichannel video-on-demand server, and a multichannel multicast server within a one rack unit platform

Administrators can manipulate standard out-of-the-box middleware display options by adding a custom logo or by changing the menu color scheme. Additionally, the viewer’s experience can be enhanced through optional customized middleware, which is available from LEIGHTRONIX.

Electronic Program Guide

Channel Information


Total Alert System (TAS) for IPTV

Kick-start your interactive television workflow easily and affordably with the LuxeVision ipMerge. Contact a LEIGHTRONIX sales representative at (800) 243-5589 or to find out where to start.

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