“That’s the thing I like about LEIGHTRONIX: you guys listen to us.”

— Jimmy Grantham, IT Coordinator

“That’s the thing I like about LEIGHTRONIX: you guys listen to us.”

— Jimmy Grantham, IT Coordinator

The Problem

Leon County needed an end-to-end streaming and broadcast solution that wouldn´t bump up their hosting costs or throw in unaffiliated ads, while allowing simultaneous HD and SD broadcasting.

The Solution

UltraNEXUS-HD Series Video Server

IncodeX Vier Multipurpose Encoder

VieBit Web Streaming Service

How It Works

An UltraNEXUS-HD series video server pushes out an HD broadcast to one cable provider and automatically downscales the same signal to SD for another. An IncodeX Vier live streams special events and chamber meetings, simultaneously creating and uploading video-on-demand files to VieBit as well.

In Their Words

“Out of all of the people we looked at and all of the different hosting companies, LEIGHTRONIX was the one that could not only give us the equipment, but the hosting and pieces we wanted in particular.”

— Jimmy Grantham,  Coordinator, Leon County

End Result

“We’re just happy for the fact that we get a lot of bang for the buck and that you guys are responsive to us.”

— Jimmy Grantham,  Coordinator, Leon County

Leon County, FL — Amidst a sea of cord cutters and second screens, Leon County Government Access looked for ways to reach out to as many community members as possible. Their initial streaming video offering used a dated player from an outside streaming media company which wasn't well received. After already using an UltraNEXUS® for a number of years, they reached out to LEIGHTRONIX for a streaming solution their community could count on — something that wouldn’t overshadow their government programming’s message.

As an IT coordinator for the county, Jimmy Grantham understands the greatly evolving media landscape. The purpose of government access is to better inform its viewers of local matters. This becomes difficult when a large subsection of the community (younger viewers) just isn’t engaging regularly with the station’s broadcast channels. It became clear that a streaming solution would need to run alongside traditional broadcast programming for more complete audience coverage. With LEIGHTRONIX, the county has taken its media dispersion to new heights.

Leon County Government Access airs on two channels across two separate cable providers, one in HD and the other in SD. Luckily, the county uses an UltraNEXUS-HD™ series video server, which not only records and plays back in HD, but has the ability to simultaneously push that same signal out and automatically downscale it to SD.

In addition to their broadcast channels, the county live streams events and county commissioner chamber meetings on two separate streams while uploading video-on-demand files to the same VieBit® web streaming site. Normally this would need a plethora of different encoders and recorders, but with the IncodeX Vier® multipurpose encoder, they’re able to do everything out of one box.

Leon County is loaded with content and although they are happy with what they’re doing now, LEIGHTRONIX will always be there to help them move forward. The county has already upgraded their UltraNEXUS to an UltraNEXUS-HD series video server, and updated their streaming services to VieBit from PEG Central® and PEG Stream™.

“I would say, from my standpoint, I would definitely recommend LEIGHTRONIX as something to look at based on whatever functional requirements you have at the time.” — Jimmy Grantham

The Benefits of HD Video With Government Programming

Feedback from both the county government and community has been overwhelmingly positive. The consistent availability of government broadcasts through live streaming and VOD has certainly been well received, but the real star of the show has been the quality HD recordings created by the county’s UltraNEXUS-HD series video server and IncodeX Vier.

Leon County Government Access provides the only HD government channel in Tallahassee. Since Tallahassee (part of Leon County) is the county seat of Florida, this is a big deal. Government programming of the highest quality is able to reach communities and individuals that may use its information the most. Furthermore, Jimmy points out that in government programming, there can be a lot of presentations or spreadsheets that just don’t translate into an SD environment as accurately as in HD: “With the technology we have now, it comes in crystal clear and you can read it, you can see it, you can zoom in and everything.”

The Cutaway

At LEIGHTRONIX, we support a huge number of government access stations across the country. With an astounding amount of publications and online resources pummeling civic audiences everywhere, it has become a necessity to provide constituents with accurate information and updates about their communities directly from the source. The lengths at which Leon County goes to engage their community is commendable. They make a significant effort to reach as many individuals as possible, appealing to a group raised in a digital era of streaming media, while still offering the same amount of quality information to their core broadcast audience. We look forward to continually supporting them as their methods grow and their community evolves.

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