LABvault-HD and LABvault-SD

The LABvault-HD™ and LABvault-SD™ are specialized digital video recorders and players which easily record an incoming video/audio signal, such as a live event. The LABvault-HD records high-definition H.264 digital media content made readily available for reviewing or archiving and smoothly transferred to a variety of destinations, such as the VieBit® video-on-demand web streaming service and compatible LEIGHTRONIX broadcast video servers. The LABvault-SD offers similar features while fitting into any standard-definition workflow.

Simplified Setup and External Control

Both the LABvault-HD and LABvault-SD are quick to set up and compact enough for mobile or tabletop use, as well as traditional rack mounting. Both devices are compatible with popular AMX® and Crestron® touch screen controllers and integrate well with third party, external control systems.

Remote Broadcasting

Cover a remote, live event without a direct video feed by letting the LABvault-HD digital video player/recorder and the web deliver it for you. An integral part of PEGcasting™, the LABvault-HD and LABvault-SD pre-send and auto-play features allow programs remotely recorded to be automatically sent to and broadcast at a compatible LEIGHTRONIX video server site within minutes after a recording starts.

Contact a LEIGHTRONIX sales representative at (800) 243-5589 or to learn how the LABvault-HD or LABvault-SD can fit into your video workflow.

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