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At LEIGHTRONIX, the purchase of any of our products qualifies you for the best in support. Each of our standard* products comes with a free support package that includes a five year warranty as well as free software and firmware upgrades as we improve our products and services. Those with a standard product also have the option to speak with a LEIGHTRONIX technical support specialist at any time throughout the life of their product.

Standard Product Support Includes:

Toll Free Telephone Support
Telephone Calls
(800) 243-5589 | Monday-Friday,
8:30AM-5:30PM EST
WebEx Support Icon
Online Support

*Nonstandard products include the LEIGHTRONIX specialty LuxeVision® product line, as well as third party products included with LEIGHTRONIX package solutions or available as LEIGHTRONIX system add-ons. Those who have purchased a product from our LuxeVision specialty product line, including the LuxeVision ipMerge™ and LuxeVision Multi-Channel Streaming Tuner™, should refer to their original contract order for details on the specific support package available to them. Additionally, products not manufactured by LEIGHTRONIX, including set-top boxes, Ethernet switches, DVD players, and PolyOptix® cameras, are not covered by the LEIGHTRONIX product warranty. Third party products, however, may be covered under the original manufacturers' warranties.

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