Remote Video Capture and Multi-Camera Control

One operator can easily manage a live, multi-camera production with a PolyOptix® digital video recording and multi-camera control system. PolyOptix was designed for government agencies of all sizes, educators, and any other organization seeking a compact, all-in-one system for remote event recording. Each PolyOptix system includes three robotic digital video cameras with pan/tilt/zoom, a four-channel live production video switcher, and a PEGvault-SD™ digital video encoder. This camera control system solution is ideal for documenting public meetings, fine arts concerts, local sporting events, or any other event that requires multiple camera angles to capture all of the action.

Included with each PolyOptix system, the PEGvault-SD digital video encoder captures and combines professional quality video from the system's robotic video cameras, audio/video presentation media, and audio from microphones or other audio feed. The resulting high quality digital media files can be automatically transferred to a NEXUS series video server for Next to Live™ broadcasts, PEG Central for video-on-demand streaming, and the PEGstream-SD2™ live streaming media encoder and PEG Stream™ live streaming service for live Webcasts.

PolyOptix PEGvault-SD Remote Video Capture and Multi-Camera Control System PEGvault-SD Encoder UltraNEXUS Video Server/System Controller PEG Central Web Media Hosting and Streaming Video-on-Demand PEGstream-SD2 Live Streaming Media Encoder and PEG Stream Live Streaming Service
  • Captures Multiple Vantage Points from Three High Quality Robotic Cameras
  • Integrates with a Live Production Video Switcher to Quickly Change the PEGvault-SD's Incoming Video Signal Between Cameras or Even Presentation Media on a Computer
  • Remotely Control Cameras and Live Production Switcher via the PolyOptix Control Interface
    • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Controls
    • Up to 18 User-Defined Camera View Presets
  • Record Events for Broadcast or Optimized for Streaming Video-on-Demand
  • Automatically Transfers Recorded Files to LEIGHTRONIX Servers (NEXUS®, UltraNEXUS™, UltraNEXUS-SDI™), Third Party Broadcast Servers (FTP Capable), or to a LEIGHTRONIX Video-on-Demand Streaming Service, such as PEG Central®