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LEIGHTRONIX December 2016 Newsletter

Learn why LEIGHTRONIX products use HD-SDI instead of HDMI and check out some of our holiday festivities in this month's newsletter!

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John Gonzalez

Nearly every major consumer device in recent memory uses HDMI inputs and outputs for HD video. So why does high-quality broadcast equipment often go with HD-SDI?

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2016 Holiday Party

Kyle Kast

We had a blast at this year's holiday party! Check out some of the highlights from our time in the snow.

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LEIGHTRONIX November 2016 Newsletter

VieBit 2.0 is coming soon! See what features are making their way onto our popular streaming service.

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Introducing VieBit 2.0

Sara Mason

We're adding a lot of awesome features to VieBit soon, including an HTML5 framework and enhanced mobile responsiveness. Read all about it here.


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