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LEIGHTRONIX February 2017 Newsletter

Learn about some great transcoding tips from Aaron and get the lowdown on an easy-to-use find and replace feature in WinLGX from John.

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Transcoding Tips and Tricks

Aaron Todd

Even with devices like the UltraNEXUS-HD, which already accept the most popular video formats, any PEG broadcaster who deals with community submissions will need to transcode at some point in time. Read on for some useful tips and general considerations when a file type just won't work

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Save Scheduling Time With the Find and Replace Feature

John Gonzalez

To anyone who has wanted a quick and easy way to find and replace media events throughout their schedules, this article is for you.

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LEIGHTRONIX January 2017 Newsletter

Sara Mason's VieBit 2.0 webinar is approaching. Sign up before Thursday for a FREE overview of our premier streaming service. Also, review some of VieBit's analytics options in this month's blog post.

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VieBit Stats and Google Analytics

Kyle Kast

VieBit has a ton of viewer stats to mull over, plus some pretty significant Google Analytics options. Read more at the LEIGHTRONIX Blog.


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