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LEIGHTRONIX June 2017 Newsletter

Learn all about DRM and why it's necessary in a video over IP workflow. Plus, find out how to utilize UltraNEXUS-HD Zone Templates for your broadcasts!

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DRM: What it Is and Why You Need It

Scott Morrison

The convergence of media and technology has brought with it a greater need for content protection. DRM schemes are now a regular part of any video over IP workflow. LEIGHTRONIX Vice President of Sales Scott Morrison goes over some of the finer nuances of DRM and why it's such a necessary process.

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LEIGHTRONIX Tip: UltraNEXUS-HD Zone Templates

John Gonzalez

UltraNEXUS-HD series products are packed with loads of useful features, getting your message out there in the best way possible. UltraNEXUS-HD Zone Templates provide the option for zoned playout, allowing for up to three zones of different content to play at the same time. John Gonzalez, LEIGHTRONIX technical support manager, shows how to add zones to your regularly scheduled programming.

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LEIGHTRONIX May 2017 Newsletter

Watch a recap video of our wildly succesful time at NAB Show this year and check out some of our featured products!

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LEIGHTRONIX April 2017 Newsletter

NAB Show 2017 is quickly approaching! See what we'll be showcasing and find out where we'll be.


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