LEIGHTRONIX Device Control Schemes

ePRO-BUS Control of PEGvault-SD, LABvault-SD, or LABvault-HD Digital Video Recording

UltraNEXUS and UltraNEXUS-SDI users can completely automate remote recording on up to 16 PEGvault-SD broadcast video encoders or LABvault-SD player/recorders and E-HD2 users can remotely control up to 16 LABvault-HD player/recorders with the ePRO-BUS™ control option. Included with the UltraNEXUS/UltraNEXUS-SDI/E-HD2, the ePRO-BUS option allows UltraNEXUS/UltraNEXUS-SDI and E-HD2 users to schedule or immediately start/stop recording on supported LEIGHTRONIX recorders in remote locations. For even greater convenience, multiple PEGvault-SDs, LABvault-SDs, or LABvault-HDs in a system may be simultaneously activated for batch recording or individually controlled. Each PEGvault-SD/LABvault-SD/LABvault-HD can be configured to automatically send recorded files back to the commanding LEIGHTRONIX server or to the broadcast or archive destination of the user's choice.

Control of VCR/DVD Playback/Recording

LEIGHTRONIX has met the need over the years for automated control of VCR and DVD playback and recording with several device interface control schemes. With digital video technologies redefining the video communications industry, most manufacturers have discontinued or greatly reduced their VCR and DVD player and player/recorder product lines. As such, many of the consumer and commercial VCR and DVD devices compatible with the LEIGHTRONIX device interface control schemes are no longer being manufactured. And while consumer DVD models are more widely available, these devices are now often equipped with an energy saving, automatic shut-off feature that is incompatible with LEIGHTRONIX device control.

NOTE:  Click here for more information on DVD compatibility.

For those who are looking to add device automation control to their LEIGHTRONIX broadcast workflows, we recommend the commercial Tascam DVD player, model DV-D01U. Additionally, there are many legacy VCR and DVD players and players/recorders that are compatible with LEIGHTRONIX device control. Although many legacy consumer VCR and DVD models are supported, LEIGHTRONIX has not tested every model and operation is not guaranteed.  Refer to the following section for more information on the LEIGHTRONIX device interface control schemes and the supported VCR and DVD device models.

LEIGHTRONIX provides three different interface schemes for VCR/DVD automation control: 

Interface Control Functions Control Mechanism Supported VCR/DVD Devices
Integrated IR Basic VCR/DVD player control (PLAY, STOP, RECORD) Built-in infrared control ports on the NEXUS series (NEXUS, UltraNEXUS, UltraNEXUS-SDI), TCD/V3, and MINI-T-NX. One IR cable included per system. Additional IR cables purchased separately. Configurable for use with VCRs/DVD players and recorders from Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony, and Tascam
PRO-BUS Basic VCR/DVD player control (PLAY, STOP, RECORD) Optional control interfaces for use with the NEXUS series, TCD/V3, MINI-T-NX, TCD/IP, NET-164, NET-EC, MINI-T-NET, MVP-2000/2000r, TCD-1000, PRO-16, PRO-8, and MINI-T-PRO
DVply Full random-access DVD playback control, including title/chapter cuing PLAY, PLAY Title:Chapter, and STOP commands Two built-in RS-232 control ports on the NEXUS series, TCD/V3, NET-EC, and NET-164. DVply option and cables purchased separately.
  • Commercial Tascam Model DV-D01U
  • Commercial Tascam Model DV-D6500 (legacy)

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