PEGcasting™ is the easy and affordable way to broadcast area events from remote locations. With the PEGvault-SD™, a specialized digital video recorder that integrates flawlessly with a user's broadcast workflow, PEGcasting provides viewers with Next to Live™ coverage of events. PEGcasting makes it effortless to allow viewers to feel like they are part of the action, as if they are sitting on the sidelines of sporting events and parades or in the front row at your local board meeting.

LEIGHTRONIX PEGvault-SD digital video recorder

See it in action:

Video of Traverse City's Cherry Festival Parade
Traverse City's Cherry Festival Parade



—recording content onto its internal hard drive, the PEGvault-SD captures an event on location.

Automatic File Transfer

—while recording, the PEGvault-SD automatically transfers the digital media content being captured on site to NEXUS series video servers as soon as one minute after a new recording begins.

Next to Live Broadcast

—LEIGHTRONIX NEXUS series video servers automatically begin playing the transferred video file on your cable channel as soon as one minute after receiving the media. With as little as a two minute delay, PEGcasting allows viewers to watch as an event unfolds from the comfort of their own homes.


—once the digital video file has been received by the NEXUS series video server in its entirety, the program created can be replayed during a user's normal broadcast schedule.

Streaming VOD

—the PEGvault-SD and UltraNEXUS video servers can also transfer digital video files to PEG Central™, the LEIGHTRONIX hosted streaming video-on-demand service, making remotely recorded programming available 24/7 on the Internet.