NEXUS to UltraNEXUS Video Server Upgrade Program

NEXUS® customers! How do you increase your local media storage capacity, add dynamic video content, and automatically create digital media files optimized for streaming video-on-demand? The UltraNEXUS™ is your answer and to ease your transition, we have designed an upgrade program that credits your original NEXUS investment. Our upgrade program gives you the option to exchange your NEXUS or send it back to the factory for quick hardware/firmware updates. Either way, the upgrade is fast, easy, and affordable.

Once your upgrade is complete, you can combine the UltraNEXUS with PEG Central® for an unbeatable combination of digital television automation and Web streaming technology! Visit www.pegcentral.com for more information.

UltraNEXUS Key Features:
    One Free Year of TOTAL INFO®
  • Dynamic video content service (a $995 value)
  • News - sports - local weather - metro traffic - financial - dailies
  • Zoned TOTAL INFO
    • Included free with TOTAL INFO subscriptions for UltraNEXUS and UltraNEXUS-SDI servers
    • Provides three video zones for simultaneously displaying digital video programming with TOTAL INFO weather and a user-selected rotation of TOTAL INFO data categories
    Expanded Digital Media Storage
  • Total system capacity of 20 terabytes
  • Expand your local USB media storage to 4 terabytes
  • Add 16 terabytes of network attached storage with the TOTAL SHARE™ option
  • One additional year of product coverage added to the remainder of your NEXUS warranty
    Dual Digital Media Encoders
  • Simultaneously encode media for broadcast and Web
  • One broadcast-quality encoder
  • One encoder optimized for Web video
  • Hardware-based encoders ensure superior video quality
    Integrates with PEG Central
  • Seamless integration of broadcast and Web-based media without additional hardware
  • Automatic file transfers to your custom-branded, streaming video-on-demand site
  • Low-cost streaming solution—only $249/month with 500 hours of streaming video-on-demand media storage
    WebNEXUS™ Advanced Slide Editor
  • Fast and easy online slide creation
  • Powerful tools—layers, shapes, effects, and more!
  • Resources—backgrounds, templates, and overlays
  • Import on the fly from a webcam!
  • Manage video slide parameters—limit display by date, time of day, and/or particular day(s) of the week


Eliminate potential channel downtime with the LEIGHTRONIX NEXUS exchange program. Receive an UltraNEXUS from our exchange stock, install the UltraNEXUS in your video system, and then send us your NEXUS.

Exchange units are inspected, tested, and certified at LEIGHTRONIX. Exchange units may originate from LEIGHTRONIX demo stock or from other customers participating in the program. LEIGHTRONIX will not only honor the remainder of your original NEXUS warranty, but also give you an additional year of product warranty coverage!

Part Number LGX-ULTRAUPG-E | Price $3,995


Send in your NEXUS for a FAST hardware upgrade and keep your original unit. Within 48 hours, LEIGHTRONIX performs, tests, and certifies all of the hardware and firmware upgrades needed to convert your NEXUS to an UltraNEXUS. When the upgrade is complete, LEIGHTRONIX will return your newly converted UltraNEXUS back to you.*

Questions? Call our sales staff at (800) 243-5589 or send an email to sales@leightronix.com. Ready to Upgrade? Call your local authorized LEIGHTRONIX dealer.

Part Number LGX-ULTRAUPG-U | Price $3,445
NOTE: In order to maintain top system performance during dual digital video encoding, a second USB hard drive is needed for your UltraNEXUS system.

*LEIGHTRONIX pays for outbound shipping at the price of UPS Ground Shipping. A credit equaling the price of UPS Ground Shipping will be given to those who require an expedited shipping method.