Digital Video Solutions for Onboard Communications

  • Broadcast channel automation systems with proven shipboard performance
  • Flexible, modular video server system — easily configure any number of digital playback channels
  • Deploy uniform hardware and video content fleet-wide, while adding customization on a ship-by-ship basis
  • Easy drag and drop video and slide scheduling provides you with hands-free recording and playback through one or multiple cruises
  • Intelligent program schedules match the exact length of your cruise
  • On-demand text messaging for emergencies or general announcements
  • Corporate branding of channels with logos/bugs
  • Best-in-class product warranty and support
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Enhance each passenger's onboard experience while enticing guests to participate in everything each cruise has to offer with an onboard video communications system from LEIGHTRONIX.

UltraNEXUS-HD Blade

With multiple configurations available, the modular design of the UltraNEXUS-HD Blade provides the flexibility needed for any onboard video system. Using a unique chassis design, up to 12 UltraNEXUS-HD Blade units fit into just 4RU, significantly saving space and energy. Units are easily configured for a multi-channel digital video delivery system that provides uniformity across an entire fleet while allowing for customization on every ship. With WinLGX, the included scheduling program, video can be treated to advanced overlays and graphics, giving additional opportunities for branding and informative messaging.

The UltraNEXUS-HD Blade provides the flexibility to schedule video programming, promotional content, and digital slide shows. That, coupled with access to exclusive, fully automated LEIGHTRONIX features, makes this video server the key building block in an onboard, multi-channel communications system. UltraNEXUS-HD Blade video servers are compact, reliable, and designed for the most demanding environments. Plus, every server comes with free technical support for life and a five year factory warranty.

  • LGX-CC Cruise Clock
    LGX-CC Cruise Clock Image
  • Transcoding Workstation and System Controller
  • LGX-4TBR-N Four Terabyte NAS RAID Hard Drive Array
  • The LGX-CC Cruise Clock provides a master day-of-cruise, time-of-day reference point for the entire LEIGHTRONIX video communications system within a cruise ship. Eliminating problems often associated with a standard seven-day or date-based broadcast automation system, the LGX-CC caters to the cruise line industry's diverse set of itineraries.
  • Offering easy and efficient transcoding of both digital files and DVDs, the LGX-TC-SC comes with Telestream® Episode® software preinstalled. The LGX-TC-SC also includes the WinLGX management and control software for scheduling and controlling UltraNEXUS-HD series servers. This workstation's power and speed work with the included software to improve processing times, memory, and hard drive space, while effortlessly keeping video quality consistent across an entire fleet.
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  • LEIGHTRONIX UltraNEXUS-HD series video servers feature scalable, external digital media storage via universal serial bus (USB) and network attached storage (NAS) hard drive arrays. External server storage has proven to be an effective and innovative feature of LEIGHTRONIX video server technology. UltraNEXUS-HD series storage options allow you to configure a video server system for your current needs while making it easy and affordable to expand your capacity in the future without sending your server back to the factory.
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  • Entertain
  • Inform
  • Alert
  • Promote
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The Comprehensive IPTV Solution for Onboard Communications

LuxeVision® provides a robust suite of digital video, audio, and control technologies combined to create a full-featured and high quality interactive television experience. Expanding on standard Internet protocol based systems known as Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), LuxeVision integrates encoding, transcoding, delivery, and decoding functions in an end-to-end solution.

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