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When looking for a practical and economical, yet effective avenue to showcase their many diverse activities and talented students, Waverly Community Schools turned to LEIGHTRONIX's PEG Central™ to enhance the way the school system communicates to the public.
"We want to tell Waverly's story,"
Eldon McGraw
Eldon McGraw exports new programs for upload to the UltraNEXUS video server.

said Eldon McGraw, the Communications Supervisor at Waverly Community Schools. "The kids here are great. We can showcase all the extracurricular activities that they do including arts and sports, plus our administration and teaching staff."

The school system also uses the UltraNEXUS™ for unattended broadcast of the school's cable channel. Adding the PEG Central Web site allowed the school to reach out to those members of the public who don't receive their cable channel.

"There are a lot of people who watch the videos on both the Internet and cable channel. I get emails from those who have seen our PEG Central site and appreciate us working to get that information to the public," said Waverly Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Tom Pillar. "Every comment we've received back has been positive."

Pillar hosts his own show on both the schools cable network and the PEG Central Web site once a month. The show allows him to share information about various things that are going on within the school district.

"PEG Central's important because we are always looking for different venues to communicate," Pillar said. "We need to do more today than just send a newsletter home. The more ways we can give information out, than the more likely it is that people will get the message."

Pillar also likes how the information can be accessed from anywhere, he said. "People can access it from anywhere in the world and learn more about what we are doing at Waverly Community Schools."

The PEG Central solution also gave the school system the opportunity to keep up with today's media trends at a low cost, McGraw said. "Video has really been reinvented. It used to only be used to broadcast on cable, but now video is everywhere on the web and people expect it," he said. "PEG Central allows us to keep up with that trend and demand for video options with a low cost and with little time."

Michael Croff
Senior Michael Croff is more involved thanks to the UltraNEXUS solution.

Before turning to LEIGHTRONIX products, it used to take McGraw, along with the communications staff, three days to get something onto their cable channel, he said. Now when the school tapes something they are able to air it on their cable channel and upload it to their PEG Central Web site the next day.

"We are able to tape it, edit it,output it to MPEG, and upload it into the UltraNEXUS, and then start the process of uploading it to PEG Central," McGraw said. "The reality of it is it can all be done in one day."

McGraw saved time in setting up a Web site to host his videos also by going with LEIGHTRONIX. "I didn't have to design a visual Web site, LEIGHTRONIX provided us with a site that's very easy to manage and looks professional," McGraw said. "All we have to do is add the content and the video."

Having the simplicity of LEIGHTRONIX products is also great because it allows for students who are involved in video production to be involved in the entire process of broadcasting and publishing video content from the beginning to the end, McGraw said.

"The benefit for me has been learning a lot of computer skills that go along with media skills," said Waverly Senior Michael Croff, who's been working with McGraw as an audio-visual technician through a student co-op program for two years now. "For students it's a really simple process."

When it's done and up on the site, McGraw was initially surprised by the quality of video that LEIGHTRONIX products produce, "We tape in HD and the quality is much better when it hits our site than several video based Web sites, such as YouTube," he said. "It's a higher quality than other systems could provide."

The high quality video is great for students for two reasons. It makes for a better viewing experience for those watching the content, and it makes for a great way to showcase the work of the students who have put time and effort into producing the video content, McGraw said.

As a school district, McGraw couldn't find a better all-in-one solution that allowed him to increase his productivity and decrease the amount of time it took to create a quality product while spending a minimum amount of money, he said.

"Our school is like any school in that we love saving time and money and delivering a high quality product," McGraw said.


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