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LEIGHTRONIX live streaming solution allows Montgomery, Alabama's Troy University to expand reach of campus programming worldwide
Campus reaches out to viewers across the nation and around the globe after implementing an affordable live streaming solution
Audio Visual Technician, Mike Adams
Mike Adams, audio visual technician for Troy University, found the LEIGHTRONIX live streaming solution provided value while still offering the same functionality as higher cost options.

Along with faculty, students, and area residents surrounding the university, viewers from around the world are able to watch the campus’s original programming with Troy University’s addition of live streaming technology from LEIGHTRONIX.

“We had a viewer email us from Iraq. He was a marine who had watched one of his close friends graduate because of our live streaming solution online,” the university’s audio visual technician, Mike Adams, said.

Since complementing the university’s broadcast programming by combining the PEGstream-SD™ live streaming encoder with the PEG Stream™ live streaming service from LEIGHTRONIX, Adams has received an outpouring of emails from those watching the school’s programming online.

“We get emails from people who aren’t even in Montgomery, and they are complimenting us on either a documentary that we ran, a television show, or just they caught a random piece of video,” Adams said. “All of these people are able to watch these things because of our streaming service that we have through LEIGHTRONIX.”

Having graduated last year from Troy University, Adams himself tapped into the power of the school’s then new live streaming solution to allow distant family and friends to watch him walk on graduation day.

“My mom was able to watch me from Texas,” he said. “I wasn’t able to have any family in town at the time so it was really neat to be able to have people watch me and cheer me on virtually.”

Troy University's Live Streaming Player
The school’s live streaming player is easily embedded on the broadcast channel’s Web site, making it easy for viewers to find and watch programming regularly broadcast on the university’s cable channel.
Close up of Troy University's Live Streaming Player
The university has broadcast telecourses through its campus cable channel and live streaming site, along with videos highlighting student how-tos on campus, documentary shows, and public domain series.

Adams’ brother tunes in from New York using the university’s live streaming player to keep up-to-date on projects that Adams is working on or featured in.

“My brother has actually watched the channel to see what commercials I’ve been working on or voice-overs that I’ve done,” Adams said. “He lives in New York and actually views the live streaming player using his Droid®.”

In the past the university has also offered telecourses to students with the help of both the university’s NEXUS® digital video server and live streaming solution.

“Telecourses are televised lectures of instructors teaching different courses,”Adams said. “The lectures are then aired on our broadcast channel so they can be watched from home. Streaming also allowed viewers to watch the lectures live from anywhere. They could catch lectures at work or anywhere, if for some reason they couldn’t be home to watch when lectures were being televised.”

The station’s new live streaming solution has allowed the university to expand their viewership for some of their newer projects as well. The department recently produced a student how-to video, highlighting basic campus information.

“It basically shows students how to get registered, where to go for admissions, and how to gain access to financial aid, simple things like that,” Adams said.

On top of that, the station is currently producing a university documentary show called People, Events, and Opinions. The channel also broadcasts a noontime show called TV Time Machine that showcases public domain television shows from the ‘50s and ‘60s, as well as public domain movies at 6 p.m. during a show called Troy Drive In Theatre.

In considering more of the educational programming broadcast through the university’s cable channel and online through the addition of the live streaming solution, Adams is adamant about the fact that video is a very effective way to communicate.

“Video really is the best way to communicate,” Adams said. “Especially for those who are more audio visual learners. You can tell someone to go to a Web site, but with a show you can actually pull up the site and visually talk viewers through a process step by step. Yes, it is hand holding but sometimes people need that.”

From the technical side of setting up and implementing the university’s live streaming solution, Adams reports that it couldn’t have been easier.

“When implementing the PEGstream-SD and PEG Stream, it was so ridiculously easy. I just plugged it in and it started working,” he said. “I haven’t even touched it since I hooked it up and it’s still going strong.”

Before going with a LEIGHTRONIX live streaming solution, Adams did do research on other options out there. LEIGHTRONIX rose to the top of the pile.

“I did look around and the problem is there are so many live streaming products out there that provide the same or similar functionality, but in all those other solutions the price just wasn’t reasonable,” he said.

On top of finding a live streaming solution that stressed high value as much as high-quality performance, Adams compared working with LEIGHTRONIX to that community corner store that always provides top-of-the line customer service.

“To me LEIGHTRONIX is like that corner store that I can put all my faith and trust into,” he said. “Plus it’s those corner stores that always provide the most exceptional service.”

Adams recommends the company’s broadcast and streaming solutions to others with confidence.

“It’s just a matter of using a good professional product,” Adams said. “If you want something to get started with that is easy-to-use, from a company you can trust to deliver a great product, LEIGHTRONIX has it.”

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