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Paul Dingeman turned to the LEIGHTRONIX NEXUS for a reliable, time saving digital video server solution
Merging cable channels, St. Clair Community Cable and Marine City Community Cable, left Dingeman in charge of both. After upgrading to the NEXUS®, he was easily able to manage scheduling programs for broadcast.
Paul Dingeman
Paul Dingeman, of the St. Clair and Marine City community television channels, uses the NEXUS to broadcast programming. The digital video server is both affordable and easy to use.

When it was time to renew the St. Clair cable channel franchise agreement that had never been used since its establishment in the early 1980s, it was Paul Dingeman who stepped up to make sure the new agreement made in 1994 was put to good use in order to serve the community.

With only the help of volunteers, Dingeman took over all responsibility for the local cable channel. For the past 13 years he’s acted as the television operations producer, director, talent, technical and public relations director, and chief negotiator for the franchise agreement with the cable operator.

After ten years of operating the St. Clair community cable channel, this channel merged with the Marine City Cable Channel. During the merge, which happened due to school district programming that was overlapping programming on both channels, Dingeman assumed all responsibilities for both, leading him to a need for a time efficient digital playback system. One that was also easy-to-use and affordable.

Having used LEIGHTRONIX products since the start of his time at St. Clair Cable Channel 6, Dingeman knew of the reliability and ease of use of LEIGHTRONIX products before looking for a time saving server. It was his past experience and confidence in their products that turned him towards their digital server solutions.

“It’s been a pleasurable experience to work with LEIGHTRONIX over the years,” he said.

Paul Dingeman
Having two community channels to maintain that sometimes share the same programming, Dingeman utilizes the easily accessible digital file scheduling interface that the NEXUS provides.

Turning to LEIGHTRONIX for a solution, Dingeman purchased a NEXUS server, which provided him with a system containing all digital video server technology using playback automation.

The NEXUS allowed Dingeman to have control over both St. Clair’s and Marine City’s cable channels off of one easily accessible digital file scheduling interface. This allowed him to manage both the unique and shared content on both channels without having to do any extra work to get them broadcasted.

“The NEXUS impressed us,” he said. “It gave us much more capability to transition from video to the MPEG world.”

When looking to upgrade, Dingeman also wanted a server that would allow him to have a smooth transition. The all-in-one capabilities of the NEXUS video server/controller impressed him because it allowed him to upgrade his system without bringing his station operations to a halt.

Dingeman was able to maintain playback from the back of DVCAM videotape machines controlled by his earlier system while also giving him the option to digitize his videotapes for playback on the NEXUS internal MPEG players. He was able to complete the transition to the NEXUS control and management player without investing a lot of time in factory support.

Another deciding factor for Dingeman was the dynamic onscreen program guide. The NEXUS program guide feature pulls information from the NEXUS broadcast schedule and overlays the program titles and times on a background slide template.

Dingeman is then able to control the NEXUS from his office desktop. The product's remote capabilities provide access through the Internet for schedule status, emergency messaging, and slide management.

“I would highly recommend [the NEXUS] to any user in the community television situation...This is a product you can rely on,” Dingeman said.

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