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The ability to automate their broadcasting workflow saved the City of Riverview both time and money
With an all-in-one solution, Riverview upgraded their look and downsized their spending with the UltraNEXUS and PEG Central
Jim Gillis
Video Cable Producer, Steve Tackett, uses the UltraNEXUS for both broadcasting and transferring video files to their PEG Central video-steaming site.

Video Cable Producer, Steve Tackett, while looking for an automated solution, turned to LEIGHTRONIX to save the city both time and money. It was the easy integration of broadcast and streaming that sold him on the UltraNEXUS™ and PEG Central™combination.

“With PEG Central I record a video into the UltraNEXUS just like I would for broadcasting and it automatically converts it to a file for the Internet, and loads to the Internet for me,” Tackett said. “Before LEIGHTRONIX’s PEG Central it caused a big headache to take a file, encode it, publish it up to the Internet and then try and embed the HTML on our page, and how time consuming it was."

Tackett is then free to do other things within the IT department while the file is being transferred and receives an e-mail when its loaded to the Internet. “It’s then waiting for me to log in, edit the in and out points, add a title and description of the video, and then I go ahead and push publish.”

Director of IT, Kim Harper, at the City of the Riverview feels their department is now able to easily manage their daily workload with the aid of the system.

“It’s given us a chance to catch up and have an overall broadcast flow from the time we capture video, to broadcasting it and getting it on the Internet,” Harper said. “The ability to simultaneously upload video at the same time it’s able to broadcast, while it’s automatically making you a version for the web is incredible for our time table.”

The one-step automation process also allows for residents to access and view information in a more timely manner as well.

“The LEIGHTRONIX UltraNEXUS is a great fit for our public, not just because of the automation but also because they are able to access any video within a day of it’s recording,” Tackett said.

Recently Tackett was able to provide residents with up-to-date information during a city election from home. He used the UltraNEXUS’s Web interface, that can be reached from any computer, to continually update slides as results came in.

“Knowing that most people are now utilizing the Web site, especially for meetings, we’ve started indexing the meetings by topics,” he said. “This way we really target our viewers, if they are looking for a certain topic, within a meeting, they just click on the meeting, click on the topic, and watch that three to four minute part of the meeting. They no longer have to feel like they are devoting a lot of time to watch an entire meeting to hear about one topic.”

The public is also delivered higher quality programming due to the extra time Tacket can spend on each project.

Michael Croff
The City of Riverview uses their PEG Central site to be sure that residents are able to stay informed even if they can't make it to council meetings in person. They also show special events such as the Riverview Community High School Graduation, shown as a thumbnail above.

“The automation frees my hands and time up to do other things, I can now focus on the more technical aspect of how the video and audio looks for these meetings and special programs,” Tackett said.

The PEG Central site design also allows for the videos to be shown in a custom designed professional looking layout

Riverview Schools Superintendent, Dennis Desmarais, whose school meetings are shown on both the cable channel and PEG Central feels that adding the video streaming option was great for those residents who can’t make it to meetings.

“We’ve received a very positive reaction from it. I think people appreciate the availability, they appreciate the transparency, and they appreciate being informed,” Desmarais said. “We live in a world where people can’t all sit in one place at one time because of their schedules, so it’s the convenience and the availability to be able to watch and stay informed that’s made our PEG Central account so popular.”

“The look and feel of the PEG Central format is really great, H.264 video is a great format for the Internet,” Tackett said. “I designed a header for our PEG Central account that matched the look of our city’s Web site header, so when residents visit our Web site and then go to PEG Central, they get a unified look and a feeling of being in the same place.”

Tackett also feels the UltraNEXUS comes with features that allows for the entire government channel to look more professional.

“Our cable station went from a local public look to a very professional look,” Tackett said. “Cool features like the TOTAL INFO® package allows us to add extra news and content to our character generated pages so that we have more than just the same boring look of ten or so pages looping over, and over, and over.”

The LEIGHTRONIX Total Info feature allows for localized information to be added to any local cable channels regular program line-up. It includes localized weather and traffic, along with up-to-date news, sports, financials, and daily trivia.

Features aside, one of the main reasons that the City of Riverview chose LEIGHTRONIX was the unmatched reliability of their products.

“We’ve had the LEIGHTRONIX product line for ten years here and have had zero failures,” Harper said. “Plus, everything from them comes with a five year warranty which is about four years more than any of the other products in the room.”

The products also come with free tech support for life. During a power outage, Tackett had to call tech support to get things back up and running. “I got through to tech support on the first call, they sent me through and actually stayed after the time he was supposed to be there,” he said. “Support was very professional and very knowledgeable, while helping to get our product up and running again.”

For those cities who don’t have a lot of experience in video, or time to dedicate to creating a cable channel or video streaming site, Tackett recommends LEIGHTRONIX.

“The LEIGHTRONIX UltraNEXUS is something I definitely recommend to other communities, especially if you have several other tasks to accomplish, because of their easy automation process,” Tackett said.

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