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Prescott Access Television
The Smart Workflow equips Prescott, Arizona access station with an efficient and affordable approach to digital video communication
With a simplified workflow centered around the UltraNEXUS™ video server, station records, broadcasts, and streams content
Executive Director, Monika Bishop
Monika Bishop, executive director of Access 13 in Prescott, Arizona boasts about the station’s streamlined workflow centered around the UltraNEXUS.

With limited staff resources and common budgetary constraints, Access Channel 13 of Prescott, Arizona was impressed by the offerings of the all-in-one LEIGHTRONIX solution coined The Smart Workflow. The solution, designed with PEG access stations in mind, allows users to affordably implement an integrated solution to simplify the process it takes for a station to record, broadcast, and stream digital media content.

“Number one, it was affordable,” station Executive Director Monika Bishop said. “But it really seemed too good to be true to get all of that in one package.”

Before confidently setting her sights on The Smart Workflow solution centered around the popular UltraNEXUS digital video server from LEIGHTRONIX, Bishop had researched other potential solutions.

“It seemed like there were a lot of systems that could do the same thing but you had to buy so many different parts to equal the same equation that LEIGHTRONIX offered in one package,” she said. “I also feel like it’s tailored to our mission and exactly what we do. I feel like LEIGHTRONIX really understands our needs for the type of organization that we are. It seems like every time we start to grow or expand as an organization, LEIGHTRONIX is on it and offering a new product that just really makes our lives easy.”

PEG Central
When published, videos uploaded to the city's PEG Central account can be organized into file folders showcasing community topics, allowing viewers to easily locate videos of interest on the site.
PEG Stream
Viewers can see programming as it’s being broadcast through a continual live video feed on the station’s Web site utilizing the PEG Stream live streaming service.

At the start of the workflow, the station records events outside of the studio, such as community meetings, with the PEGvault-SD™ digital video encoder. The encoder offers easy push button operation with a wireless remote control and provides automatic file transfers to the station’s UltraNEXUS video server.

At the center of the workflow, the UltraNEXUS receives content from dynamic system management tools that offer easy drag and drop scheduling, emergency messaging, overlay options, and professional slide creation with the exclusive Advanced Slide Editor. Receiving input from the station’s PEGvault-SD or from a studio input or satellite feed, the server records high quality digital media files for broadcast while simultaneously creating digital media files optimized for streaming.

Files optimized for Internet streaming are automatically uploaded to the station’s PEG Central® streaming video-on-demand site. After being published through the site’s administration portal, viewers are able to watch community videos at their own convenience. Videos can be organized by type within folders or viewers can find videos of interest using the keyword search. PEG Central allows the station to add custom metadata to videos, provide video indexing so viewers can jump to certain points of interest within videos, link Web-based documentation alongside videos, and view dynamic statistics on the site's viewers.

To incorporate live streaming, the station simply connects the output from their UltraNEXUS to their PEGstream-SD™, live streaming media encoder. The encoder sends the stream to PEG Stream™, the online live streaming service from LEIGHTRONIX. The live video player is embedded into the station’s Web site, allowing viewers access to live video feeds as they are happening.

“Our biggest demand was for the city meetings to be streamed live so that people could watch from their laptops, from work, or from wherever,” Bishop said.

While each component of the workflow fills the void of a specialized need, each component is also designed to integrate flawlessly with one another.

“LEIGHTRONIX makes things that really suit our needs but beyond that everything talks to each other and there’s no issue with networking or anything like that,” Bishop said. “Since we’ve been with LEIGHTRONIX we’ve literally had no issues.”

Bishop also finds it easy to recommend products carrying the LEIGHTRONIX name because of the company’s reputation for quality engineered products and services.

“Everything we’ve implemented from LEIGHTRONIX we’ve literally been able to take out of the box and plug right in,” Bishop said. “These products are user friendly, but they are also professional, reliable products that work.”


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