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The ease-of-use of an integrated broadcast and streaming solution make providing city meetings a cinch for communication specialist
City utilizes UltraNEXUS digital video server for a broadcast solution that integrates with streaming video-on-demand
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The UltraNEXUS digital video server combined with their PEG Central streaming solution provides unmatched value and ease-of-use for the City of Pasco, WA, according to Communication Specialist Jon Funfar.

After being hired in as the City of Pasco’s communication specialist, Jon Funfar was immediately impressed with the ease-of-use of operating their UltraNEXUS™ digital broadcast server as it integrated with the city’s PEG Central® streaming video-on-demand service.

Having used LEIGHTRONIX products in the past, Funfar was already familiar with the company’s NEXUS® series of video servers, but was pleasantly surprised at how easy the addition of a streaming service worked with the UltraNEXUS.

“I worked with a NEXUS server at a previous position so I was very pleased to see the City of Pasco broadcasting with the UltraNEXUS,” he said. “I hadn’t previously worked with PEG Central, but I was immediately impressed with just how easy it was to use.”

Funfar was mostly impressed with the integration between the UltraNEXUS and PEG Central. While recording high quality media files for television rebroadcast, the UltraNEXUS simultaneously creates digital media files optimized for Internet streaming and transfers those files to the city’s customized streaming video-on-demand site at PEG Central.

“It’s been incredibly easy to use because of those automatic features,” he said. “When you record something to the UltraNEXUS it just automatically gets transferred and processed on the PEG Central site.”

After a file has been sent to the city’s PEG Central site, Funfar can then easily add in and out points and index points before posting a video for all viewers to see. It is here that he can also add custom metadata such as a title and description. Another feature of the site allows Funfar to provide links to documents and other resources related to the video content. For instance, he makes sure that the agenda information is linked along with the meeting coverage so viewers can review the agenda packet if needed.

Troy University's Live Streaming Player
PEG Central allows for a customized header and web address to be chosen, keeping a similar look and feel to a user's main Web site. The site also allows for custom metadata to be added to videos.
Close up of Troy University's Live Streaming Player
Viewers are able to easily jump to specific topics of interest within videos using index points, as shown in the meeting above. Web resources and related documents can also be provided alongside videos.

“In many respects after you stop recording a meeting you’re done because it’s all very automatic,” he said. “I go through the videos and add in and out points and indexing. The ease-of-use has been very impressive.”

The addition of indexing is something that has really drawn the attention of the city’s residents and council members alike.

“I’ve had a couple of council members express their appreciation for having the meetings not only streamed but also indexed,” Funfar said.

According to Funfar, indexing offers a convenience factor for viewers that goes beyond what the city is able to provide over their broadcast channel.

“When viewers watch council meetings they don’t necessarily want to watch the whole thing. They are just looking for a certain item,” Funfar said. “For me, the addition of index points is extremely easy, and of course, it makes it that much better for our viewers to be able to skip right to their point of interest.”

From start to finish Funfar recommends this broadcast and streaming combination from LEIGHTRONIX for its simplified workflow.

“I’ve never had an issue as far as the workflow,” he said. “It’s been very reliable, which has been hugely important that I don’t have to worry about the process of transferring data taking place.”

Working with a reliable solution that is mostly hands off has allowed Funfar to focus his efforts elsewhere in the City of Pasco.

“I can certainly speak to the time saved throughout my workweek because of LEIGHTRONIX,” he said. “The integration of the UltraNEXUS and PEG Central allows me to dedicate more time to producing more local programming. I’m also in charge of the city’s main Web site so I’m able to devote more time to that as well thanks to LEIGHTRONIX.”

On top of ease-of-use and high-end functionality, PEG Central also provides the City of Pasco the ability to customize the viewer interface.

“Users need to know that they are on a City of Pasco Web site, so being able to customize PEG Central so that it has a similar look and feel to our main city site is extremely important,” Funfar said. “It says a lot about this product’s bang for its buck to have that feature on top of all of the other great features that come with PEG Central.”

Complementing the city’s broadcast channel, the streaming video-on-demand solution from LEIGHTRONIX has allowed residents to stay informed with their community without adhering to the restrictions of a regular broadcast schedule.

“I would say that our city is very supportive of transparency and making sure that the public has access to what we are doing,” Funfar said. “Streaming video is a very important part of that. It allows viewers to not have to be dependent on a broadcast channel’s playback schedule and it allows for viewers throughout the world to view your meetings also.”

Funfar would recommend the UltraNEXUS digital video server and PEG Central combination to other cities who are looking for a better way to communicate to residents and a solution that offers reliability and functionality at a price that provides value.

“I cannot stress enough LEIGHTRONIX’s reliability and the value that comes with their products,” he said. “In this day and age, PEG operations need to be able to get a robust, reliable system. To get the highest value in a system I couldn’t recommend anyone else.”

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