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The City of Oak Park applauds company’s product reliability and support
After using LEIGHTRONIX broadcast equipment for over 15 years, customer boasts about end-user experience
Brandimarte scrolls through the NEXUS front panel.
Cable Supervisor Matthew Brandimarte recommends the NEXUS server to those in the digital video playback market looking for a high-quality product.

For Matthew Brandimarte, cable supervisor for the City of Oak Park, MI, broadcasting with LEIGHTRONIX means having the security of partnering with a company that’s known for reliable equipment and customer support.

Having worked directly with LEIGHTRONIX products for over 15 years, Brandimarte didn’t hesitate to contact the company when looking for an all-digital solution in broadcasting.

“In the 15 years that I’ve been working in video and film production, and playback of video content, I’ve never had a problem with a LEIGHTRONIX system,” he said.

In 2007, the City of Oak Park chose to update their workflow with the NEXUS® two channel digital video server from LEIGHTRONIX. The server now broadcasts government programming on the city’s local access channels, with Channel 15 offering bulletin board content 24 hours a day, and Channel 16 offering dynamic, city specific programming.

“The NEXUS has reinvented our workflow on Channel 16,” Brandimarte said. “The NEXUS has changed every aspect of our operation from the amount of programming we are able to produce, to how we get that programming on air.”

Because Brandimarte also serves as the city’s IT supervisor, one of the more beneficial features has been the ability to access the city’s programming schedule remotely.

Brandimarte in the Oak Park station's studio
Brandimarte manages content for two channels using the NEXUS. Channel 15 offers bulletin board content, while Channel 16 offers city specific programming.

“I can schedule programming remotely from any computer I’ve programmed the NEXUS software on,” he said. “I have it in a few places because I mostly work outside of the studio. We also use it in our council chambers to gain access to control during our council meetings, sometimes offering live programming.”

A feature that’s saved Brandimarte a lot of time is the ability to drag and drop programming, as well as a function that allows him to update all outdated programming at once.

“When replacing a show from the month before, I’m able to replace every single show inside the schedule without going back and replacing each individual file,” he said. “That, along with being able to repeat days or even weeks within a schedule, is a huge time saver.”

Looking outside of the available scheduling and programming features the NEXUS offers, Brandimarte finds the best feature to be the reliability of the product itself.

“The reliability of LEIGHTRONIX products is one of the main reasons I continue to stay with them,” he said. “The package that this company offers combining reliability and customer support is outstanding.”

LEIGHTRONIX products come with a standard 5 year warranty and free support for the life of the product. Every customer’s support package also comes with free access to the company’s online support center where registered customers gain access to free software and firmware updates, product manuals, diagrams, video tutorials, background music, and more.

“It’s obvious that offering the best in customer support is very important to LEIGHTRONIX,” Brandimarte said. “No matter what, they are always willing to offer help directly over the phone. Any questions I might have, I’ve always gotten immediate answers for.”

When comparing the company’s product support package and reliability with other electronics he’s used throughout his career, it becomes obvious that LEIGHTRONIX products stand out.

“In all the years I’ve been using equipment, nothing has ever stood the test of time like any of my LEIGHTRONIX equipment,” Brandimarte said. “Having a free warranty is amazing, but the LEIGHTRONIX name is a warranty in itself in my opinion. The name LEIGHTRONIX says quality.”

Having a product he can rely on and the free support package that comes with it has been a huge help within the city’s budget as well.

“Because of these times, the City of Oak Park just does not have any extra money to spend,” Brandimarte said. “But we don’t have to work in potential service calls into our budget. Knowing that we have a reliable product and if something were to go wrong we would simply make one call, is not only a huge money saver, but a huge time saver as well knowing they will always be there for me.”

Because of having long term experience using the company’s products, Brandimarte recommends a LEIGHTRONIX-branded NEXUS series video server to anyone in the video playback market.

“This is absolutely a great product. It’s made my life so easy when doing any kind of program overlays and playback,” he said. “In fact, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like LEIGHTRONIX products. I know a lot of people outside of our community who use them.”

The NEXUS offers a variety of dynamic features to the City of Oak Park, in a way that’s easy-to-use and above all affordable. The NEXUS offers users digital messaging and overlay capabilities and the ability to provide emergency messaging to viewers remotely on two channels, all within a compact two-rack unit chassis.

“For applications similar to ours, where you looking for a high-quality product on a smaller budget, a LEIGHTRONIX solution is perfect,” Brandimarte said. “With LEIGHTRONIX, users have their own super channel all wrapped up into one box.”

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