Medina Cable Access

Medina Cable Access

Established through a partnership with the City of Medina and Medina Schools in Ohio, Medina Cable Access operates educational access Channel 36 and government access Channel 37. Run by General Manager Jarrod Fry and Technical Operations Director Ed Schmuhl, the television station provides local residents with vital information about their community. The educational access channel features much more than school board meetings, spotlighting messages from the superintendant, arts, sports, and science. Medina government access Channel 37 helps residents stay connected by covering local elections and court proceedings, city council meetings, public safety, and area news.

Medina Cable Access and LEIGHTRONIX: Partners from the Beginning

Ed Schmuhl helms the Medina Cable Access station's controls.
Technical Operations Director Ed Schmuhl helms the Medina Cable Access station's controls.

At their start in 1995, Medina Cable Access needed a playback controller to get their educational access channel on the air. The LEIGHTRONIX MINI-T-NET easily met and exceeded Fry's expectations, reliably automating playback on the Medina channel. When Medina added a government acccess channel in 1997, Fry again turned to LEIGHTRONIX and upgraded to a PRO-16 for multi-channel playback.

When digital technology appeared on the horizon, Medina made an early jump to digital playback with the LEIGHTRONIX MVP-2000 digital video player. The MVP-2000 brought the Medina station to the forefront of video system technology with MPEG-2 playback, advanced DVC-PRO videotape control, and capacity for a DVC-PRO 32-cassette, robotic tape machine. Best of all, the system was fully integrated, making use of the PRO-16 as a routing switcher.

Jarrod Fry uses WebNEXUS to create a slide.
Medina Cable Access's General Manager, Jarrod Fry, uses WebNEXUS to create a slide.

In 2006, the LEIGHTRONIX NEXUS replaced it all. The NEXUS gave Fry multi-channel video server playback for both Medina channels. Fry also heavily used the NEXUS server's online emergency messaging, dynamic online and onscreen program guides, and slide show bulletin board capabilities.

Wanting to take advantage of digital video streaming and draw more viewers through the Internet, Fry again turned to Medina's long trusted partner in video automation and playback. LEIGHTRONIX upgraded Medina Cable Access's NEXUS to an UltraNEXUS video server/controller paired with a new PEG Central Web media hosting and streaming video-on-demand account from LEIGHTRONIX.  The UltraNEXUS and PEG Central formed a streaming solution that was not only cost-effective, but highly integrated with Medina's television broadcast workflow.

With the new UltraNEXUS online, creating Web media is as easy as performing a simple recording on the video server. The UltraNEXUS dual encoders create simultaneous files, one for broadcast and one for the Web. The broadcast file remains on local storage, while the Web media file is automatically transferred to Medina's PEG Central streaming account.

Today, Medina Cable Access continues to deliver informative and entertaining programming to the community via cable while also linking their Web site to the same content on Medina's custom branded streaming site hosted by PEG Central.

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