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LEIGHTRONIX has provided customers with over 18,250 controllers, including over 8,000 digital channels. Recognized as an industry leader, LEIGHTRONIX continues to set standards in product value and versatility that exceed customer expectations in both product performance and support. Browse below to hear what customers are saying about the company that's become a model for stability and longevity in the quickly evolving professional video market.

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Holland Cable TV

Matt VanDyken,  Technology Services Coordinator
Public, Government Access Television

Tulip Time, the annual tulip festival in Holland, Michigan, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year with parades, tours, Dutch dance performances, and over six million tulips. In addition to all those who attend the outdoor events each year, there are still those who prefer to watch the events indoors or are unable to be outside all day due to age, illness, time constraints, or other circumstances. To allow these people to experience as much of Tulip Time as possible, the City of Holland's broadcast station, Holland Cable TV (HCTV), enlisted LEIGHTRONIX to help broadcast and live stream the event.



Sarah Julien,  Program Coordinator
Public, Government Access Television

Wakefield Community Access Center (WCAT) in Massachusetts needed a system that provided professional television automation, and allowed them to insert slides between programming so that all of their programming could begin on the top or bottom of the hour. The UltraNEXUS allows the station to automate their content for their broadcast station while also incorporating bulletin board slides to keep the schedule operating on a standard half hour block schedule format.

Technologies for Worship Logo

First Evangelical Free Church

Gil Fruchey,  Pastor of Worship and Music
Religious Broadcasting

"Four Services for the Price of Two: LABvault-SD Enables Cost Effective Expansion"

In this feature article from Technologies for Worship Magazine, the Worship and Music Pastor at First Evangelical Free Church describes how he utilized LEIGHTRONIX video technology to increase the number of people they could serve without the need to expand to a second facility.


PEG Broadcast Services

Gordon Young,  Studio Engineer
Public, Educational, Government Access Television

PEG Broadcast Services in Coos Bay, Oregon needed a system that provided true television automation, rather than their previous equipment that only allowed the station to loop their content. Not only did the LEIGHTRONIX UltraNEXUS video server easily meet this need, it also allowed the station to take advantage of the PEG Central video-on-demand streaming service. Now PEG Broadcast Services is able to provide local information to residents through television broadcasts and Internet streaming.


City of Buffalo

Merton Auger,  City Administrator

As with many communities, residents can always see the City of Buffalo's content by simply flipping to the city's designated channel on TV. To reach more members of the community, at home and abroad, the City of Buffalo turned to LEIGHTRONIX for a way to deliver its programming live and on-demand over the Internet.

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