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Needing a video broadcast system they could rely on, the Illinois Veterans Home turned to LEIGHTRONIX for a solution
Knowing that daily communication to their members was vital, this home in Manteno purchased the NEXUS
Elaine Schwass, administrative assistant at the veterans home
Administrative Assistant Elaine Schwass, trusts the NEXUS to communicate daily events to members of the home because of its proven reliability.

Before the Illinois Veterans Home purchased the NEXUS® the department of pubic health made it known that the home for honorably discharged veterans wasn’t doing a good job of keeping residents updated on daily activities.

It wasn't until they implemented the digital video server and event controller that members of the community were able to get the vital daily information that they needed. The NEXUS provides the veterans home with an integrated system for video broadcasting and a slide creation tool for dynamic messaging.

Now, after broadcasting daily events and keeping members updated on what’s going on throughout the facility with the NEXUS, not only are things being more effectively communicated but attendance on all activities is up.

“Being able to keep our members updated on things such as daily and weekly events, and even what they are going to have for dinner has made a tremendous difference in our community,” said Administrative Assistant Elaine Schwass, who is in charge of keeping the programming on the NEXUS updated with the community’s latest events. “Our activity rates have actually gone up.”

Outside of keeping members involved in activities, it’s also important for medical purposes to keep them aware of their surroundings and the staff.

“A lot of our guys have dementia, so we program information such as the names of nursing supervisors on the NEXUS to make sure they are able to orient themselves between units and their surrounding staff,” she said. “It’s really about making them feel comfortable and increasing their quality of life here.”

The process for Schwass is quick and easy. She enters a month’s worth of playback programming into the NEXUS at a time.

NEXUS workstation in the veterans home
The home has used the NEXUS for two years now and recommends it to other military based facilities.

“It’s just so simple that it’ll take me about three hours to do a whole month of programming,” she said. “It’s not time consuming at all.”

A few times a month Schwass has to use the scheduling interface to add additional information for members. Recently she added some information for viewers about a member who had passed away. She often uses the system as a way to honor those who have passed away at the home.

“We had a 93-year-old member who passed away recently. We decided at 3:45 p.m. that we should put up this information with a few details about him to honor his life,” Schwass said. “Immediately after I uploaded the slide, it was up and running for all our members to see.”

Schwass loves the reliability of the NEXUS, saying that she knows when she uploads something, it’s simply going to play.

“I don’t even have to worry about the NEXUS playing,” she said. “I don’t even have to think about it anymore because I’ve learned to trust it.”

The flexibility of the slide scheduler automatic delete feature on the scheduling interface, helps Schwass keep to her timetable and keep scheduling new information onto the NEXUS for an average of three hours a month.

“I don’t have to go in and delete slides that are no longer relevant to members,” she said. “Before uploading them I can choose the date I no longer want them to play, with the automatic delete feature and it’s done for me.”

Schwass can also choose a date that she wants a slide to start playing on the NEXUS.

“If I know someone is joining the home on a certain day, I can make a slide in advance that welcomes them, that will automatically start to play on his day of arrival and then automatically deletes after the day’s over,” she said.

Before implementing the NEXUS, the facility was only able to deliver paper calendars to members on a monthly basis as a way to inform them on upcoming activities. This process didn’t allow for the opportunity of new daily information to be presented nor did it guarantee that residents would even get the information they needed.

“I’m thrilled with the NEXUS,” Schwass said. “These guys often don’t have much longer, this is their last stop. I want to make sure that it feels like home to them, and we want to make sure they are happy and they get the information they both want and need.”

To make members feel welcome the administration staff also allows families to bring in programming to be played.

“For instance if someone is presented an honorary award and a family member tapes it, we will play it for others to see,” she said.

Because of its impact within the Illinois Veterans Home, the NEXUS is something that Schwass would recommend to improve communication in other homes.

“I would definitely recommend this process because I wouldn’t be able to get this information out there if it weren’t for the NEXUS,” Schwass said. “It’s such an easy way to keep our members and staff informed.”

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