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Hudson Cable Television utilizes the Smart Workflow of the UltraNEXUS video broadcast server to both broadcast and stream media
The server automatically provides both a broadcast and Web version of media for Hudson Cable TV’s streaming site
Kerry Paluscsak, Station Manager of Hudson Cable TV
Station Manager Kerry Paluscsak looked into the UltraNEXUS as a way to easily deliver video that would be suitable for Web viewing on their PEG Central site.

Broadcasting media has become easier for Hudson Cable Television since upgrading to the UltraNEXUS™ video broadcast server. The northeastern Ohio station utilizes the server to provide digital video programming on two PEG access channels and also upload all ingested programming to the station’s PEG Central™ streaming video-on-demand site, hosted by LEIGHTRONIX.

“We are really happy with what the UltraNEXUS has been able to do for us to get programming out to cable subscribers and now those who only have access to our programming on the Web,” said Station Manager Kerry Paluscsak of Hudson Cable TV. “In our last annual report alone we played back well over 15,000 hours of programming on both of our channels, all 100 percent digital, all coming out of our UltraNEXUS.”

Before upgrading, the station was broadcasting with the NEXUS® two channel digital server, also from LEIGHTRONIX. Paluscsak was impressed by the product’s functionality but started looking into the UltraNEXUS when considering a product that would allow the station to easily gain an online presence.

“We realized we needed to provide programming to more than just the cable customer,” he said. “So we were looking for a product that was going to allow us to provide a video-on-demand service—good, quality video-on-demand service. So we started looking into PEG Central.”

Hudson Cable TV's PEG Central site

Paluscsak was very impressed with the streaming site's ability to showcase the station’s programming in such high quality, even in full screen.

With a staff that’s dedicated to creating a polished final product in terms of programming, Paluscsak wanted to make sure that the

video-on-demand service that he chose would do a good job of showcasing those efforts through picture quality.

“When you put a lot of effort into your original product, you’d like it to look as you intended, even on the Web,” he said. “PEG Central really does a good job of providing the best video quality that’s out there right now for a PEG operation like Hudson Cable TV is.”

The station has received several compliments from viewers about the site’s ability to provide high quality video even when it’s in full screen viewing mode.

“I think it’s just one of the many, but one of the biggest selling points that I talk about to anyone who is in the business who may be looking at starting to stream video,” Paluscsak said. “I tell them, you have got to call LEIGHTRONIX, and you have got to talk PEG Central, because the video quality when you take the little window and you make it full screen, is great.”

In comparing his PEG Central service to the quality of other streaming services available in the PEG access market, Paluscsak has remained adamant that there isn’t a service that can compete with the video quality or price available from LEIGHTRONIX.

“PEG Central is definitely a product that is cost-effective,” he said. “But as I’ve said before, and will say again, the video quality is probably the best quality video that you can get on air or from a Web-based video-on-demand product.”

When implementing the station’s PEG Central site through an upgrade to the UltraNEXUS, Paluscsak was very impressed by how easy the process was to turn his then NEXUS video server into an UltraNEXUS with the company.

By taking advantage of an upgrade offer that allowed the station to have the company rebuild their NEXUS server into an UltraNEXUS at a discounted price, Paluscak became impressed with just how easy LEIGHTRONIX made the upgrade.

“The option to upgrade was a difficult decision because I worried about the amount of time our channel would go offline,” he said. “What impressed me was the turnaround was only three days, so our unit was out of the rack for probably only four days total. So that whole transition process was so painless that if anyone out there is even considering the upgrade, I would recommended going for it. By all means, just call LEIGHTRONIX.”

Having had years of experience in using the LEIGHTRONIX product line to broadcast programming, Paluscsak has become very familiar with the type of reliability each product he purchases from the company is going to have.

“I think that one of the things that has impressed me the most with the LEIGHTRONIX product line is simply the technical reliability of every product,” he said. “I’ve transitioned through over four products from the company and throughout my entire experience, every product I was able to take right out of the box, plug it in the rack, and have it simply work.”

Every product purchased through LEIGHTRONIX also comes with free support from a specialized technical support team for added support when needed.

“Technical support is always available even with the smallest questions,” Paluscsak said. “They were a huge help during our transition here into the digital world. Both their products and their support have made that transition easy for us here at Hudson Cable TV.”

In addition, LEIGHTRONIX’s policy for free customer support has helped keep the station’s costs down.

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