Holliston Cable Access, Inc.

"The LEIGHTRONIX UltraNEXUS beat out the competition and we purchased two UltraNEXUS video servers."

–Dennis Bergeron (Program Director)

Holliston, MA—Holliston Cable Access, Inc. (HCAT) has been a LEIGHTRONIX customer for over 16 years. HCAT has been satisfied with LEIGHTRONIX at every turn, from the VCR controlling PRO-8™, to the record and playback system of the TCD/IP™ video system controller and TCD R/P™ MPEG recorder/players, to their current digital automation system with two UltraNEXUS™ video servers.

HCAT purchased the two UltraNEXUS video servers last summer. Previously, the station had two TCD R/P digital video player/recorders from LEIGHTRONIX with each dedicated to one of the station's two channels. However, last year, the station wanted to add a third channel to air government meetings. Since the TCD R/Ps and TCD/IP were outdated, the station opted for a completely new system. The solution was two UltraNEXUS video servers.

Two UltraNEXUS Video Servers

With two UltraNEXUS units, HCAT has the ability to run four channels. One unit runs their education and government channels and the other runs their public access channel on the first output and uses the second output as an off-air editing channel.

"It's worked out very well for us, the features and the options we have available to us now are a lot more than we were used to," HCAT's Program Director Dennis Bergeron said.

Holliston Logo

One feature Bergeron has been particularly pleased with is the ability to easily transfer files between servers. With three channels, Bergeron can maneuver the files so that the same content can be aired on any one of the three channels. It's also given Bergeron the ability to use both recorders and view and edit video on his off-air channel regardless of what server that content would air on.

"If a recording needs to go on the government or education channel and we recorded it on the public channel server, we can actually go in and move it over, so that just gives us flexibility and more options," Bergeron said.

Dennis Bergeron

"I've always appreciated the support that we've gotten from the LEIGHTRONIX tech people. They're always available and always have the answers and it's at no cost." –Dennis Bergeron

Product Comparison

When looking for a solution, Bergeron did not simply choose LEIGHTRONIX because his older system was a LEIGHTRONIX system; Bergeron looked around at competitors' products and found once again LEIGTHRONIX was the right fit.

"We did look at other systems, it was only fair. Because of the amount of money involved, we had to take a look at other alternatives," Bergeron said. "All things considered, the LEIGHTRONIX UltraNEXUS beat out the competition and we purchased two UltraNEXUS video servers."

Bergeron added that he found the support provided by LEIGHTRONIX "unparalleled in the industry."

"We had some previous experience because we had the TCD/IP and we’ve had that for about 12 years and it was only serviced once the entire time that we owned it. I’ve always appreciated the support that we’ve gotten from the LEIGHTRONIX tech people. They’re always available and always have the answers and it’s at no cost," Bergeron said.

Other products had support plans but they were not as inclusive as LEIGHTRONIX support and would cost the station a significant amount of money. What LEIGHTRONIX offers for free, Bergeron found to be an expensive addition with other products.

“The other system we were looking at was going to cost us a significant amount of money for a service contract and it would gradually decrease in value until the fifth year and then they would not offer support after that. So that really bothered me,” Bergeron said.


Once HCAT decided to go with the UltraNEXUS, transitioning was easy. The UltraNEXUS simply replaced the old TCD/IPs and fit right into their workflow.

HCAT initially brought in the two UltraNEXUS units and had them running off the air for a month while the staff learned the new system. The station had planned to have a transition month to learn the WinLGX scheduling software and load their MPEG files; while going through this transition, HCAT found the system was easy to learn and adjusted quickly. Once the station was ready to go live, the switch was simple.

"It was an easy swap because we already had the TCD/IP controlling external equipment, so we literally took the TCD/IP out, plugged in the UltraNEXUS, plugged in some cables and we were up and running," Bergeron said.

Satisfied Customer

Over the past 16 years, a lot has changed in the broadcast industry; however, HCAT has found that LEIGHTRONIX has continued to evolve with the industry and has always had the video communication solutions they need and the support to help them make the adjustment.

In 2005 Bergeron wrote a success story for LEIGHTRONIX and made a statement about his vision for the future that is as true today as it was then:

"We are looking forward to taking full advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of the LEIGHTRONIX system to help us continue to build our presence in the community."

The Problem

When HCAT decided to add a third channel to air government meetings they needed a newer and updated system.

The Solution

How It Works

With two UltraNEXUS video servers, HCAT now has four playback channels. Needing only three channels, the station is able to use the fourth as an off-air editing tool. HCAT can view and trim content on the fourth output then move it to the proper channel, providing increased flexibility and convenience.

In Their Words

"The LEIGHTRONIX UltraNEXUS beat out the competition and we purchased two UltraNEXUS video servers."

–Dennis Bergeron
Program Director, HCAT

End Result

"It's worked out very well for us. The features and the options we have available to us now are a lot more than we were used to."

–Dennis Bergeron
Program Director, HCAT

At a Glance

  • Name: Holliston Cable Access, Inc.
  • Location: Holliston, MA, 25 miles west of Boston
  • 288: Holliston is nearly 300 years old and was incorporated in 1724.
  • TV Show: Fearnet will air Season 2 of "Holliston" in 2013, which takes place in the Massachusetts town.
  • Legend of the Balancing Rock: Holliston is the home of a five-ton rock known as the balancing rock, which appears to be balancing on another rock. In 1789, George Washington wrote in his journal about the rock as his troops passed it on their way to New York from Boston. The troops stopped to see if they could tip the rock over and Washington himself even tried. They, and many others, were unsuccessful and the rock is still "balancing" there today.
  • Famous Residents:
    • Hannibal Hamlin–US Vice President under Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865)
    • Jo Dee Messina–country music singer
    • Joe Sencio–journalist and TV personality
    • Jeff Taylor–founder of Monster.com
    • Kara Wolters–WNBA basketball player, member of 2000 Olympic Gold Medal team
    • Adam Green–director and writer
    • Bryan Greenberg–TV actor: appeared in The Sopranos, One Tree Hill, and How to Make it in America, among others

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