Henry Ford Village

Henry Ford Village
NEXUS makes delivering video content effortless for the one-person staff at Henry Ford Village, a retirement community
With a worry free broadcast system in place, Lead Coordinator Anne Diaz-Perry is able to concentrate on producing quality programming for residents
Anne Diaz
With the aid of the NEXUS, Anne Diaz-Perry is able to spend more time on quality programming, working alongside the stations volunteers.

Being the one-person team she is, working as the Community Television Lead Coordinator, Diaz-Perry could not do her job without the help of the LEIGHTRONIX NEXUS®.

"Really the NEXUS has made things a lot easier here, I am a one person staff," Diaz-Perry said.

On top of managing the channels content, she works to train community volunteers on the stations equipment.

The station tapes programming in the studio, throughout the community and outside the community, providing a set of weekly shows with everything from talk shows to live cooking shows and community concerts.

"With the NEXUS we are able to broadcast shows live, quickly and easily," Diaz-Perry said. "We have a weekly live show with our executive director. Not only do we broadcast it live, but we record the program on one of the MPEG channels on the NEXUS, add a quick in and out point and reschedule it for broadcast. It makes life a lot easier to deal with the program."

Being a one person team, Diaz-Perry also choose the NEXUS for its reliability when she's unable to be in the studio herself.

"If I'm going on vacation, I just have everything programmed in advance on the NEXUS, if I'm off sick for a day everything is already in there programmed," she said. "I don't have to worry about shows not getting on the air. Everything is in there and it's done."

Before the NEXUS, Diaz-Perry was using another LEIGHTRONIX product, the MINI-T-PRO™.

"We had the MINI-T-PRO for 11 years and it was the most reliable piece of equipment that we had, in fact it was the only piece of equipment in the studio that didn't fail in 11 years," Diaz-Perry said. "Needless to say, I was very satisfied with it."

Changing to the NEXUS has erased some aspects of human error that Diaz used to run into. "With the MINI-T-PRO we were running shows on VHS decks, then the MINI-T-PRO would trigger them to play," Diaz-Perry said.

The NEXUS introduced file-based playback eliminating the problems associated with a videotape-based playback system.

"Sometimes something would come up, people would forget, and the show wouldn't get back on the air. So the NEXUS automatically playing programs back as files, adds so much more reliability."

Diaz-Perry sets an in and out point on the NEXUS after it's loaded in, and then uses the interfaces drag and drop feature to schedule it for broadcast.

"Then we're good to go for a week," she said.

Other features Diaz-Perry appreciates about the NEXUS are its bulletin board slide show and the emergency alert system.

"It's reassuring knowing the emergency override is there if we ever need it," she said.

Diaz-Perry first saw the NEXUS in 2005 and knew it would be a perfect fit for her station before it was even on the market.

"I saw a demo of the NEXUS and I just knew immediately that this was ideal for our station with a one-person staff and a group of volunteers," she said. "It's made things a lot easier for me, and it's been great for us."


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