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Easy remote access scheduling has kept this access channel up and running thanks to LEIGHTRONIX
Citizens and staff at the Hampton, NH access station benefit from the ability to schedule and view programming from remote locations
Brad Jett, Operations Manager for Hampton Channel 22
The Hampton Channel 22 Operations Manager, Brad Jett, is able to schedule programming to his UltraNEXUS video server from home or even while traveling.

For the operations coordinator at Hampton Channel 22, Brad Jett, it was important to find a product that would give him the ability to stay on top of daily programming without needing to be in the office.

“The ability to schedule remotely has allowed me to stay involved in the station and still travel for my business and other social organizations I’m involved in,” Jett said. “I often also just schedule from home.”

When out of the office, Jett is also able to utilize the LEIGHTRONIX recording and scheduling software to make sure those recording a meeting for live broadcast are doing everything correctly.

“Being able to log on and help those in the boardroom who are trying to record a meeting live has been a huge help on the road,” Jett said. “I can log on and keep an eye on how they are closing things out at the end of a meeting or starting things up. It’s been a great tool for them and me.”

The ability to access and update the station’s streaming video-on-demand site has also been an easy-to-use feature of the LEIGHTRONIX-hosted PEG Central™ site.

“I’ve even been able to stay up to date adding videos to PEG Central, along with metadata while out of the office,” Jett said. “After a video is uploaded to the site, I get an email letting me know it’s ready to be published.”

Whether in the office or out, Jett is able to accomplish an entire day’s worth of scheduling and updates to PEG Central in about an hour.

“This system has saved me a lot of time,” Jett said. “It takes about 15 minutes to schedule a whole day of events for broadcast and then I might spend close to another hour publishing content to PEG Central and adding index points to the videos.”

Being able to access the city’s personalized video-on-demand site has also been great for those community members who travel to different states for the winter.

“We’ve had nothing but 100 percent positive feedback,” Jett said. “They love the flexibility of being able to view the local meetings that are taking place when they are away for the winter, down in Florida or Arizona.”

Those residents who stay local year round have also raved to Jett, as well as the city’s administration, about the site.

The group was eager to offer residents the option of watching programming online and felt the features offered by the LEIGHTRONIX-hosted site proved to be user-friendly.

“The town manager and other board members have actually received emails and letters about the meetings they’ve been able to watch that they otherwise would have missed if it wasn’t for the city’s PEG Central site,” Jett said.

PEG Central also provides Jett with instant feedback on what videos are being watched the most on the site, and also for what duration they are being watched, among other things, through the integration of Google Analytics.

Hampton quickly schedules the day's programming with WinLGX.
Operations Manager Brad Jett is able to schedule an entire day's worth of programming on the city’s cable channel in just 15 minutes.

“Before we had these kinds of statistics available we’d get questions from the city administrators on how many residents were viewing the channel,” Jett said. “Now I can offer them solid information and they’ve started to realize the potential of a site like PEG Central and the value that it gives to our community.”

The statistics given on each video have been a great way for administrators to get instant feedback on whether or not residents are getting vital information that they need.

“One video we had on the community’s switch to mandatory recycling received 3,000 hits within a two week period,” Jett said. “The city administration was astonished. They could not believe that people were actually logging in and looking at this content at that high of volume in such a short period of time.”

The additional statistics were a part of a product update, one that Jett received free of charge thanks to the LEIGHTRONIX policy that provides all customers with not only free updates, but also free tech support for the life of their products. All products also get a free five year warranty.

“One of the strong suits of LEIGHTRONIX products is that they always come out with update at no additional cost and their tech support is free and unlimited,” Jett said. “It was a no brainer for us to purchase their products because of that support.”

An additional subscription to TOTAL INFO® from LEIGHTRONIX has allowed the station to have a more dynamic professional look as well.

The TOTAL INFO subscription allows for information to be added to any local cable channel’s regular program line-up. It includes local weather and metro traffic, along with up-to-date news, sports, financials, and daily trivia.

“Before our product upgrades we used to have a bulletin board playing for sometimes three hours,” Jett said. “Not only can we schedule more programming with the UltraNEXUS but we are able to add timely informational slides from TOTAL INFO. It has been such as huge jump over what our old bulletin board was.”

From the time that Jett was first hired into the local access station, he has found the upgrades in equipment to be flawless, and seen how they’ve provided residents the kind of open government and complete community coverage that they were looking for.

“We’ve been able to greatly improve what we are able to offer creatively and the way the city communicates to the public,” Jett said.

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