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Fort Benning Television utilizes the NEXUS for an easy solution to provide daily video programming
United States military base utilizes on-base Windjammer Cable Channel 4 combined with the ease-of-use of LEIGHTRONIX products to provide both military personnel and their families with timely informational videos
Nathan Snook
Nathan Snook would recommend the NEXUS to other govenment agencies because, “it’s easy to use and it’s easy to learn, so it’s a a great product because it is simple and it’s reasonably priced.”

Producer and Director of Fort Benning Television, Nathan Snook, refers to their NEXUS® as the station's master control because without it he wouldn’t be able to provide his audience with the up-to-date information that’s a must on a military base.

The base, located in Columbus, GA, is one of the Army’s busiest installations, with more than 130,000 soldiers and civilians living, working, training, or using its services.

“We focus on programming things like solider training, military families, ceremonies, redeployment ceremonies, and we also focus a lot on the families and kids, there’s a lot of schools on post,” Snook said.

Snook also provides soldiers with up-to-date programming provided by the government regarding topics of interest that include advances in the war.

“The NEXUS has been beneficial in the scheduling of our programming,” Snook said. “It makes it a lot easier for us to take control of what we're putting out and what programming we are replacing with new programming.”

Those in command of the base also watch the channel for the same information a soldier might and have taken notice of the benefits of keeping things up to date and relevant on the base through cable TV.

“We get a lot of feedback from our commanding general and his staff about how we do things here,” Snook said. “They really enjoy the programming we put together.”

In addition to providing Ft. Benning TV with playback automation, digital video server technology, DVD and VCR control, and digital video messaging, the NEXUS also allows the specialized military station to switch programming easily without creating gaps or breaks in airtime.

“It’s very clean, I know that some other switching systems don’t necessarily have a clean switch, you might have some shifting and whatnot,” Snook said. “With the NEXUS everything switches real smooth, and it looks clear, making a nice flow in programming.”

Working off of government funding, the station wanted a system that could provide them a clean-looking, professional channel without a high price.

Nathan Snook using WinLGX software
The WinLGX software allows director and producer of Ft. Benning TV, Nathan Snook, to easily update programming by using the drag and drop scheduling interface.

“Some other systems are really outrageous,” Snook said. “The NEXUS is reasonably priced compared to those other systems in the industry, which makes it a lot easier for us to get the funding approved,” Snook said.

Snook combined his own research on different systems with recommendations from those who have used the NEXUS to make his final decision to go with the LEIGHTRONIX product proven to be an end-to-end solution for several broadcast stations.

“I did research other products but none of them compared to what the NEXUS offered for the price,” Snook said. “I also got recommendations to use the NEXUS from people in the industry that I both admire and respect, so word of mouth was a strong force in making a decision.”

Now the NEXUS is the broadcast server system that Snook recommends to other government agencies himself.

“I’d definitely recommend this to any government agency,” he said

The NEXUS system allows Snook to schedule programming in advance without having to monitor the channel to be sure everything’s running.

“With typical master control systems usually people have to monitor them and are having to manage them twenty-four, seven,” he said. “The NEXUS runs by itself, you can set it and forget it.”

The schedule progamming feature provides the station options, making it easy to schedule in advance while also allowing for daily programming that’s not time consuming.

“It works great for us so we don’t have to come in over the holidays,” Snook said. “But when need be I can schedule a whole day of new programming in under two hours.”

Snook utilizes TOTAL IMPORT™ to easily convert DVD discs to MPEG files to run on the cable channel.

“TOTAL IMPORT grabs the DVD, rips it, and converts it to MPEG and I can drop it right into the schedule if I need to quickly,” he said. “That’s just one of the options and extra features LEIGHTRONIX gives you. A lot of the features I use and some I don’t but I know they are there.”

The station also uses TOTAL INFO® to provide localized weather and national news to residents on base. The LEIGHTRONIX TOTAL INFO subscription allows for area information to be added to any local cable channel's regular program line-up. It includes weather and metro traffic, along with up-to-date news, sports, financials, and daily trivia.

Outside of the product's obvious features, Snook also needed to make sure he had a reliable product that he could trust when he is off base, and doesn’t have access to check up on the channel.

“I don’t live on base so I can’t watch it from home, so its reliability has been a huge benefit,” Snook said. “We’ve never had a problem with it going down.”

Outstanding tech support has also been an underlying factor that’s set LEIGHTRONIX apart from other companies in Snook’s eyes.

“I know that sometimes when you buy a product, it’s like ‘hey, you bought it, it’s yours, now it’s your problem,’ so having a five year warranty is certainly a benefit,” Snook said. “Any time I’ve called I’ve gotten an answer right away and everything’s resolved on my end. It’s clear that LEIGHTRONIX wants to follow through with a customer to the end.”


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