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Retirement Community in Sebring, Ohio offers original dynamic video programming to increase quality of life for residents
Combining resident oriented video programming and automated broadcast with the NEXUS has made running two in-house cable channels a flawless experience for the residential volunteers at Copeland Oaks
Virgil Springer, a resident volunteer, has had more time to focus on the quality and creation of community specific original programming after starting to broadcast with the NEXUS.

In an effort to improve the quality of life for residents at Copeland Oaks Retirement Center, a group of volunteers gathered to create a closer feeling of community by providing resident specific local programming on two in-house cable channels.

Located in Sebring, OH, the retirement center consists of over 650 residents and over 400 staff is laid out across 200 acres. The center boasts two in-house cable channels run entirely off of the LEIGHTRONIX NEXUS®, an automated digital video playback system, that was both budget friendly and easy to use for the resident volunteers at Copeland Oaks.

“A need was felt by those in the community to find a way to share information between residents,” resident volunteer, Virgil Springer, said. “It was thought that by putting a broadcast system in place and providing video content more residents would feel involved in what was going on throughout the entire facility.”

Having recently made the switch from a VCR deck run system to the NEXUS automated server system, volunteers have been able to develop more resident specific programming.

“We currently have 21 original programs, which is about a 35 percent increase in the amount of programs we are now able to provide residents using the LEIGHTRONIX system,” resident volunteer, Bud Householder, said.

For the volunteers at Copeland Oaks Television (COTV), making sure all residents are able to at least participate in activities by watching from home has made their efforts rewarding.

“A lot of people here in the community aren’t able to get out and see things for themselves, but as long as I’m able to do that, I can film it and bring it back to broadcast to the community,” Householder said. “I’m able to bring them the outside world that they no longer can see for themselves, I feel that’s very important.”

Using the NEXUS’ hands-off programming and scheduling approach, the small group of residents donating both their time and money to keep up the cable channels are now able to redistribute their time on developing a list of diverse programming.

“The first program that we produced was called Copeland Round-A-Bout, and the purpose of it was to go behind the scenes of the everyday workings of the community,” Springer said. “As time has allowed we’ve been able to branch out and add a variety of programming that involves the residents and staff here at Copeland Oaks.”

The volunteer staff now offers residents a veteran show, that interviews veterans that reside in the community and allows them to share their often personal war experiences with other residents, a cooking show hosted by a chef on staff, Where In the World is Mary, which showcases a resident who enjoys traveling around the world and documents her experiences on camera, amongst several other shows.

NEXUS installation at Copeland Oaks
The NEXUS has allowed the crew to schedule programming for a week at a time and never have to worry about shows making it on air. “The NEXUS has been completely reliable, we haven’t had any off the air time since we’ve had it," resident volunteer, Bud Householder said.

“One of our shows has proven to welcome residents into the community, introducing them to established residents and therefore allowing for their transition to feel more like a homecoming then a readjustment,” Householder said.

To do this the crew interviews each new resident and airs the interview, creating the feeling for already established residents that they know some things about the newcomers.

“Some of the individuals we interview may not have otherwise ever had the chance to get caught up within a group of friends, but all the sudden, they don’t become celebrities, but they do become known throughout the community and people feel comfortable welcoming them and saying hello to people they may not have personally met,” Springer said.

In order to get all of the programming on air the group relies on the NEXUS to keep their cable channels running smoothly.

The NEXUS system allows for the group to schedule digital programming up to a week in advance, allowing for less time to be spent on scheduling of programs.

“Not only can we program for a week but we don’t even have to worry about things making it on air,” Springer said. “We’ve learned that we can just walk away after scheduling and not have to worry about it. Then throughout the week we can focus on producing new shows.”

The NEXUS also allows for storage of programming by means of digital files that aren’t ready to be scheduled.

“Because of the size of the hard drive, we can store a number of programs in there,” Householder said. “Before the NEXUS if we were going to show a movie we had to make sure the movie was in the VCR at the right time. Now we could have a movie stored and ready for a month and then simply schedule them when we’re ready.”

COTV also utilizes the TOTAL INFO® feature to keep their audiences interested in the channels in-between scheduled programming.

The LEIGHTRONIX TOTAL INFO feature allows for localized information to be added to any local cable channel's regular program line-up. It includes localized weather and traffic, along with up-to-date news, sports, financials, and daily trivia.

“It allows people to stay on our channel in-between programs because there is information that they are interested in and music playing in the background,” Householder said. “It keeps them on our channel longer, which is good.”

While implementing the TOTAL INFO feature, and updating the LEIGHTRONIX product, the crew has had exceptional customer support.

“The support that we’ve been given by LEIGHTRONIX has been outstanding,” Springer said. “When we set up TOTAL INFO, support was right on the phone and they updated our firmware at the same time. It was seamless.”

The group, being run off of volunteer dollars, also benefits from the free firmware updates and technical support that comes with all LEIGHTRONIX products. All products also come with a five year warranty.

“The NEXUS has been completely reliable, we haven’t had any off the air time since we’ve had it,” Householder said. “So we haven’t even had to consider the five year warranty.”

Reliability is just one of the reasons the crew would recommend LEIGHTRONIX products.

“We would certainly recommend it because of its ease of operation, its fast learning curve and its price,” Householder said. “Plus the programming we’ve been able to broadcast with its help has made a true impact on our community.”

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