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Columbus, Georgia Government Center
Upgrading to the NEXUS digital automated server saved the City of Columbus both time and money
This station was able to repurpose 20 to 25 hours a week by implementing the LEIGHTRONIX NEXUS
Michael King, Station Manager for CCGTV
TV Station Manager, Michael King, has been impressed by the NEXUS’s dual functions saying, “When you are talking about dual functions, when you are talking about time saving aspects, when you are talking about ease-of-use, you have to be talking about the NEXUS.”

When hired into Columbus Consolidated Government to help market the city, Michael King, now the TV station manager at CCG-TV, was presented with equipment that was old and antiquated in terms of efficiency.

“The station was using a programmable device controller that would program several tape decks to play at a certain time,” King said. “But of course tape decks, you have to spend time cleaning the heads each week and you have to not only create your programs, but record them to tapes each week and then play them back. It was creating a problem of wasting time just on the maintenance work we’d have to do on the system.”

King was also having to hire extra staff to keep up with the extra time it took to program and maintain the system. After three years at the station, the system was completely run down, giving King the opportunity to look for a more efficient solution to his station’s needs.

“I needed a system that would do a variety of functions without requiring constant maintenance and management from my staff who had started producing about 11 shows a week amongst other projects,” he said. “I turned to LEIGHTRONIX who answered all of my questions and showed me things that I wasn’t even aware a server system could do. Since installing the system I’ve been so enthused by its dual personalities.”

King purchased the NEXUS®, a server that provided the station with unattended, fully automated digital program playback control, along with automated digital program recording.

“Now with the programs that we produce here in-house, we can produce it and send the program directly to the server without the use of tapes or DVDs,” King said. “We can set up an FTP (file transfer), where we can send the program directly to the system, then once it’s there, all we have to do is schedule it to play by dragging the title of the program into an open time slot.”

Billy Cunnels, CCGTV Staff Member
CCG-TV staff member, Billy Cunnels, utilizes the drag and drop interface of the WinLGX software that provides 24/7 unattended playback of all the station’s programming.

The station’s crew, consisting of King and four part-time employees, has been able to save time on getting every program to air with the aid of the NEXUS.

“We’ve eliminated at least an hour or more of just maintenance work for each program we produce here at CCG-TV,” King said. “We produce seven in-house programs, four outside produced programs, produce three live programs, and also serve as the in-house production company for the city of Columbus.”

In total, the station has saved 20 to 25 hours a week in comparison to the work they were able to produce with their old system.

“When a show is ready to go on air, we’ve been able to cut out the middle man, being DVD or tapes, and go directly to the server to schedule the show,” he said. “We’ve been able to save our company 20 to 25 hours a week in terms of man-hours. So with the NEXUS we are saving 20 to 25 hours a week that we don’t have to contract out or add in another person on staff to help produce programs, so no matter how you look at it saving 20 to 25 hours a week calculates into money.”

King recommends the server to other local stations that need something that’s efficient and that can serve many different functions, without a learning curve.

“This has got to be the easiest system that I’ve ever worked with,” he said. “When you’re talking about dual functions, when you are talking about time saving aspects, when you are talking about easy to operate, you have to be talking about the NEXUS system.”

Outside of its ease-of-use, the automated server has allowed the station to provide viewers a channel that is of a higher quality than many government access channels.

“The NEXUS plays a huge part in making sure that the programs we put out look very clean and scheduling is done without any flaws,” he said. “In terms of having a small budget, we are actually able to compete with the bigger guys. The quality of our channel and programming is no different than what they are doing.”

The citizens have taken notice of the gradual change in the quality of programming from the station as well.

“This is one department that our citizens are really proud of,” King said. “They know that we are their window into city government and they rely on us to get a better understanding of how their government works and operates.”

The NEXUS’s emergency messaging feature also allows King to reach citizens at a moment’s notice when needed.

“We’ve been able to automatically start warning residents of flooding in certain parts of the city and even road closures due to bad weather,” King said.

The station also has the ability to communicate non-emergency messages to the community through the use of overlays and dynamic slide shows, along with video programming.

“We use the overlays during programming to inform citizens of the next program coming up or even the three-day forecast for the city,” he said. “Then in-between programming the NEXUS allows for us to create a variety of slides. LEIGHTRONIX provides a variety of templates to use in terms of backgrounds, characters, and colors.”

The station is able to be as creative as they want when broadcasting with the NEXUS and often makes PSAs and slides on their own.

“Your creativity is the limit in terms of what you can and cannot do. You can be as creative in programming as you want with a system that simply does what you want it to do,” King said.

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