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C-NET delivers programming to Centre County, PA by utilizing the streamlined workflow of the UltraNEXUS digital video server
The reliable video server also integrated with C-NET's PEG Central streaming video-on-demand solution
Producer Stephanie Yager
Station producer, Stephanie Yager, is able to schedule programming a week at a time, allowing her to spend more time developing new programming.

For the small staff at C-NET, a PEG access station currently serving the communication needs of 13 area organizations within Centre County, PA, finding a reliable broadcast solution was of the utmost importance.

The station also needed their new broadcast solution to include a feature rich, two channel server that could make the most out of their limited staff resources. Their wish list ultimately lead them to the UltraNEXUS™ digital server and controller from LEIGHTRONIX, a box known for its reliability. C-NET was impressed with the server’s ability to simultaneously record media for broadcast and the Web. The Web recording allowed the station to easily implement a PEG Central™ streaming video-on-demand solution, hosted by LEIGHTRONIX, without impacting of the daily workflow of their small staff.

“When we send a file to the server for playback that same file is then encoded for PEG Central. We do not need to do a thing. It truly is an effortless workflow,” the station’s executive director, Cynthia Hahn, said. “We have a very small staff with a limited budget, with limited resources, and in that way we are very much like virtually every other PEG network in the country. Having all of this so automated has really been a great value to us.”

The UltraNEXUS immediately allowed C-NET’s staff to focus more on the content they were delivering, rather than the method of delivery. This was a huge change from their previous broadcast solution, which often played programming at the wrong time, and had the staff working on the weekends when programs didn’t make it to air at their scheduled times.

“One of the great benefits of the UltraNEXUS and using PEG Central is it has reduced the time spent worrying about technical errors,” Hahn said. “Our playback problems are now virtually nonexistent.”

The server made scheduling easy for the station’s producer, Stephanie Yager, who was impressed with how easy the product’s scheduling software was to learn.

“I found it very easy to pick up, it was surprising how easy it was actually,” she said. “I thought it was this mystical process to get it to play back, but LEIGHTRONIX has made it really easy to operate. They’ve made it really user friendly.”

PEG Central
The station's customized PEG Central streaming video-on-demand portal provides viewers the opportunity to watch programmg from anywhere, at any time.

The ease-of-use allows Yager to schedule programming up to an entire week in advance, allowing her to spend the rest of her week helping to produce programming for the 13 organizations that communicate through the channel.

“Because we use the software’s replace feature and a lot of the programs we have are consistent with their weekly time slots, just the episode needs to be updated, allowing me to easily schedule as far in advanced as a week out.”

The UltraNEXUS’s integration with the PEG Central streaming video-on-demand solution allows viewers to access programming when they can’t catch the scheduled line up on one of the station’s two cable channels.

“We know lives are becoming busier and busier, so as wonderful as it is to have the cable channels available to our residents, it is a very valuable service to be able to offer our programming to residents on demand, on their schedule, at their convenience,” Hahn said.

PEG Central was easily covered by the station's financial resources.

“I think one of the greatest benefits of PEG Central is not only that it is easy and works effortlessly in our workflow, but also that it is extremely affordable,” Hahn said. “It was very important to the community and to our board of directors that we find a reliable, affordable way to Web stream our content and that is what it has done for us."

PEG Central has also increased the station’s viewership by offering more ways to view C-NET’s programming.

“It has greatly increased our viewership in that not only are people viewing our content on our two channels but they are also viewing our content online,” Hahn said. “The community is thrilled with the service, and we are very happy about the service. It is affordable and it really does enhance our services to the community, which is what we’re here for.”

The ability to add indexing to programming published on PEG Central has added extra value to what the streaming site offers.

“We are now indexing agenda items, which the community is just thrilled about.” Hahn said. “Viewers really can simply just click on the agenda item that interests them, and immediately jump to that point in the program. So PEG Central has really worked out beautifully for us.”

Having had success with the streamlined workflow that the UltraNEXUS digital video server and PEG Central video-on-demand streaming solution provides, Hahn can confidently recommend the solution to others.

“I would highly recommend the UltraNEXUS server and the PEG Central service to other organizations that have needs similar to C-NET,” she said. “PEG access channels as a general rule do have limited resources. So having something that works so easy and makes workflow easier and saves time I think is very, very important. Plus, it is an extremely affordable service.”

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