Chipola College

"I own an UltraNEXUS now and it's the most tremendous piece of equipment I've ever had."

–Royce Reagan (CCTV Director of
TV/Video Production)

Marianna, FL—Chipola College is a small school with high standards. The school's men's and women's basketball programs held simultaneous state championships in the 2004–2005 season and again in 2006-2007. In 2005 and 2007 the men's basketball team held a No. 1 national ranking in the National Junior College Athletic Association, and the baseball team has produced numerous famous alumni such as Buck Showalter and José Bautista. Also academically strong, the school's Brain Bowl team won an incredible six consecutive state championships. To showcase its numerous successes, the school runs Chipola College TV (CCTV), a public access broadcast channel that highlights the school and the surrounding community.

Powerful Solution on a Small Budget

Chipola logoBecause Chipola College is a small school with just 2,100 students, the broadcast station's funds are "slim-to-none" according to Royce Reagan, the school's director of TV/video production. With a low budget and the high expectations that come with anything associated with Chipola College, Reagan turned to the NEXUS® and then ultimately to the UltraNEXUS™ for his station's video server needs.

"I own an UltraNEXUS now and it's the most tremendous piece of equipment I've ever had. I've been hit with other companies who want me to look at their stuff but I have not," Reagan said. "We're a small school so the money is slim to none, but I can afford to do a lot of things with LEIGHTRONIX that I could not do with some of the other companies."

NEXUS to UltraNEXUS Upgrade

To upgrade to an UltraNEXUS on his small budget, Reagan traded his NEXUS in and took advantage of the NEXUS to UltraNEXUS upgrade program. Reagan was able to get more storage and features with the UltraNEXUS without spending the money it would cost for a whole new video server. The best part, according to Reagan: he didn't have to go off the air during the trade-in.

"LEIGHTRONIX sent me a NEXUS to use while mine was being upgraded. I think it was less than a week before I got mine back and it was working," Reagan said.

Royce Reagan

"We're a small school so the money is slim to none, but I can afford to do a lot of things with LEIGHTRONIX that I could not do with some of the other companies."
–Royce Reagan

Easy Scheduling

Almost everything CCTV airs is original content that Reagan produces, edits, and airs to 18,000 viewers. The station broadcasts to Chipola College as well as to the surrounding community of Marianna. From church services, to new business promotions, to campus sports and events, Reagan records the event and transfers it into the UltraNEXUS's digital media storage for scheduling.

"What's nice is I can take a video feed straight into the UltraNEXUS and trim it and when I'm finished, it's wonderful," Reagan said. "I can take the UltraNEXUS and tell it to delay broadcast for two hours from now. The UltraNEXUS records and then puts the video in a folder so it's a wonderful thing."

Because CCTV airs scheduled shows and live events, their playback schedule doesn't always fit into a typical 30-minute based schedule. To fill in the slots created by live events or programs that don't end precisely on the top or the bottom of the hour, Reagan uses the TOTAL INFO® live dynamic video content subscription.

"I use TOTAL INFO to do my math for me. If I need to fill up a segment, I just use TOTAL INFO and a minute or two is enough," Reagan said.

Local Weather

Of the six categories, Reagan says he most often utilizes the weather option. Because the TOTAL INFO servers provide localized weather information, Reagan says he and his residents prefer the TOTAL INFO weather to any other weather reporting option available on TV.

"The weather on that is better than the real weather stations. You can't find Marianna, Florida's weather where we live, you have to wait minutes. In between shows I'll put the weather in for 30 seconds or a minute and people can grab a Coke while they watch the weather," Reagan said.

PEGvault-SD Implementation

To aid in the capturing of local and school events, CCTV purchased a PEGvault-SD™ remote recorder which they plan to implement shortly. CCTV plans to use the PEGvault-SD as a mobile unit which they can plug their video feed into for automatic transfer back to the UltraNEXUS. The PEGvault-SD will also give Reagan the ability to pre-schedule a recording or utilize the push-button record feature of the PEGvault-SD.

"I have live ball games to record, and with the PEGvault-SD I'll be able to connect to the UltraNEXUS straight from the gym, the baseball field, the softball field, theater and just tap into the system and start broadcasting the feed," said Reagan. "We're going to set it up so we can move it around so that we can go from one sport to another or to a theater or meeting room."

Service and Reliability

One of the reasons CCTV turned back to LEIGHTRONIX for a remote recording option was the service and reliability they got with the NEXUS and UltraNEXUS.

"Every time I call in and ask a question, it's answered quickly and most of the time in layman's terms so I can understand it and make it work," Reagan said.

But for CCTV, and almost any other broadcast station, the most important thing has been the ability to stay on the air. Reagan said with LEIGHTRONIX, he feels comfortable knowing he'll always be on the air.

"I am very happy with LEIGHTRONIX, especially the UltraNEXUS," Reagan said. "We've never gone off the air, other than a few minutes when electricity went off all over the world, and then they couldn't watch me anyway, so it didn't even matter."

Reagan has been so pleased with his LEIGHTRONIX products that he has been telling anyone that will listen how great he thinks the products are. Once a year Reagan meets with the Chamber of Commerce (Chipola College's partners in CCTV) to talk about the station. Reagan said every year he brings up how well his LEIGHTRONIX products work and how well the station is doing. Additionally, Reagan has reached out to LEIGHTRONIX and offered to talk to other cities, colleges, or broadcast stations looking to add LEIGHTRONIX products to their workflow.

"I told one of the sales people that if someone wanted to call me and talk to me about LEIGHTRONIX before they bought anything, I'd be glad to do that," Reagan said. "I've had two phone calls over the last couple of years and I tell them 'It works for me and I have three music degrees, so I have no clue what to do with computers.' Without the UltraNEXUS, I'm in trouble. I don't know what I would do."

The Problem

Chipola College needed a broadcast solution that would give them the ability to showcase the college's numerous successful programs and air its original content on the restricted budget of a small college.

The Solution

How It Works

Chipola College uses the UltraNEXUS to automate their schedule and to ingest programming that comes in from the PEGvault-SD remote recorder or other video sources. To provide residents with weather reports and to fit the programming into a standard half-hour based schedule, the college uses TOTAL INFO dynamic content.

In Their Words

"I use TOTAL INFO to do my math for me. If I need to fill up a segment, I just use TOTAL INFO."

–Royce Reagan
CCTV Director of TV/Video Production

End Result

"What's nice is I can take a video feed straight into the UltraNEXUS and trim it and when I'm finished, it's wonderful."

–Royce Reagan
CCTV Director of TV/Video Production

At a Glance

  • Name: Chipola College
  • Location: Marianna, Florida
  • Size: approximately 2,100 students attend Chipola College
  • Chipola River: named for the Chipola River, located less than a mile from the school's campus
  • Namechange: the school changed its name from Chipola Junior College to Chipola College on August 18, 2003 when it began to offer several bachelor's degree programs
  • Brainiacs: Chipola's Brain Bowl team has been State Champion for six consecutive years
  • Famous Residents:
    • José Bautista–MLB baseball player, four-time All-Star
    • Buck Showalter–MLB manager of the Baltimore Orioles
    • Russell Martin–MLB baseball player, three-time All-Star, Gold Glove Winner
    • Martin Coley–member of the Florida House of Representatives
    • Ricky Polston–justice on the Florida Supreme Court

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