2010 Cherry Festival Parade

Volunteer Produced Live Parade Cablecast on Your Public Access Station

PEGvault-SD Enables Remote, LIVE "PEGcast™"

Local Cable Access Channel Delivers Nationally Recognized Event to Area Viewers

PEGcasting Technology Provides Flawless Next to Live (N2L) Broadcast of Annual Cherry Royale Parade
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The Main Event

For the second year in a row, the UpNorth Media Center in Traverse City provided area viewers with a live broadcast of the 2010 National Cherry Festival’s Cherry Royale Parade. The community access center utilized PEGcasting™ technology to deliver the parade into the homes of viewers from Manistee to Cheboygan, in Michigan’s northwest Lower Peninsula.

UpNorth Media gathered area talent, volunteer staff, and the PEGvault-SD™ digital video encoder and file transferring device to deliver the parade to area viewers who couldn’t make it to the event themselves.

“Last year we had calls coming in from people who couldn’t come out and be at the parade, but thanks to LEIGHTRONIX they could hear it and they could see it, so we are very excited about providing a live broadcast again this year,” Executive Director Joe VanderMeulen said.

On the main parade route, a portable broadcast production system was put into place so the station could have camera control and switching options, plus display graphics and titles throughout the parade’s broadcast. Near the portable production equipment, cameras were set up on the parade route and operated by volunteers. A lift cam provided an aerial view of the parade as it ran west down one of Traverse City’s main streets. Cameras on the street provided a close-up view of what at-home viewers would experience had they been able to see the parade in-person, on the corner of Front and Cass Street.

In addition to providing point-to-point signal transmission to provide a N2L™ broadcast into the homes of viewers, the system needed to produce a digital media file suitable for broadcast at a later time, as well as media for streaming video-on-demand from the station’s Web site. To accomplish all three, UpNorth Media Center utilized PEGcasting technology with the LEIGHTRONIX PEGvault-SD digital video encoder.

The PEGvault-SD was easily connected to the remote television production studio located on the parade route in downtown Traverse City. As the PEGvault-SD digitally recorded the parade in real time, the encoder also began forwarding the digital media file to the television center.

The LEIGHTRONIX UltraNEXUS™ digital video server and system controller, which handles television automation for the UpNorth Media Center, received the video file as it was being created remotely by the PEGvault-SD and began playback on the local cable access television channel, delivering a N2L broadcast with a minimal two minute delay.

As the event concluded, the UltraNEXUS forwarded the video to the UpNorth Media Center’s streaming site, hosted by LEIGHTRONIX at pegcentral.com™, where the more than three hour event can be seen by a worldwide audience as high-quality, streaming video-on-demand.

The Big Challenges

    The UpNorth Media Center faced three major challenges:
  1. Gather enough staff and equipment for multi-camera, live video production
  2. Set up a cost-effective system to get the broadcast-quality, uninterrupted live signal back to their television studio across town, where it would be fed to the local cable system
  3. Produce a digital media file suitable for broadcast at a later time, as well as media for streaming video-on-demand

The Solutions

Technical Innovations

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