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Chatham School District allows students to gain real world broadcast automation experience with NEXUS
The NEXUS is essential in allowing students to learn about the actual broadcasting of shows produced
Ryan Bandy, GCNN Coordinator
GCNN Coordinator Ryan Bandy programmed using VHS decks before upgrading to the all-digital LEIGHTRONIX server solution. Bandy says the difference in programming has been "night and day.”

For Ryan Bandy, the Glenwood Cable News Network (GCNN) Studio Coordinator, the goal is to provide instructional time that will allow students to gain real world experience in production.

“The key thing for me as a teacher is that I want to spend less time worrying about technical issues and more quality one-on-one time to instruct my students,” Bandy said. “That’s really where the NEXUS® has come in handy for me.”

The extra time that Bandy is allowed to instruct, rather than schedule programming, has given students the chance to operate educational access Channel 23 in a way that mirrors the operations of larger scale television studios within the media industry.

“I’m all about real world experiences,” Bandy said. “And with TV production, running a station is a part of the real world.”

More advanced students get the chance to learn about production from start to finish by working hands-on with broadcast automation with the LEIGHTRONIX NEXUS.

“The nice thing about the NEXUS is that it is so easy to use and it doesn’t take a lot of teaching time to show someone how to use it,” he said. “Plus it has a great manual so if a student is having any problems, they can look at the manual, and the problem is solved.”

GCNN's equipment rack
Production Coordinator Ryan Bandy has saved time using the NEXUS because of the ease of transferring files over to the server and dragging and dropping shows into time slots.
Production student William Washington uses the WinLGX scheduling interface.
Production student William Washington uses the NEXUS scheduling interface to switch from regular scheduled programming to a live broadcast.

Students are able to use the server’s scheduling interface called WinLGX, to switch back and forth between scheduled and live programming while recording the group’s impressive list of original programming each week.

“It puts them in control and it’s easy for them to use,” Bandy said.

Before switching to the NEXUS, GCNN ran programming off of VHS decks and often had scheduling problems that would interfere with Bandy’s class instructional time.

“I remember sometimes our deck-based broadcast just wouldn’t play and I’d have to run out in the middle of class,” Bandy said. “There were even times I’d get calls from students who were watching and I’d have to drive into school from home to fix it.”

Now as the station celebrates their 25 year anniversary, those scheduling problems are a thing of the past.

“It’s night and day,” Bandy said. “Now even if there was an issue, I could log into the NEXUS from home and make the changes right there through the Internet.”

The award winning student run educational access channel has even been able to improve their look and upgrade the amount and type of programming that’s sent to air, thanks to the NEXUS’s easy-to-use programming interface.

“The quality of our programming has never looked better,” Bandy said.

Bandy is also able to implement suggestions and changes to programming quickly and easily using the WinLGX drag and drop scheduling interface.

“I had a teacher recommend to me that we play our announcement productions not only at the beginning of each class period but at the end too,” he said. “It took me 15 minutes to set that up on the NEXUS to where as on the old system I would have been working on that forever. It’s easy to implement ideas with the NEXUS because of the ease-of-use that it has.”

Outside of the NEXUS, Bandy has appreciated the support that LEIGHTRONIX has given him, saying, “Their technical support is very knowledgeable, very professional, and answered all of my questions very quickly.”

After utilizing the NEXUS for three years to help his students gain insight into real studio experience, Bandy recommends it to others.

“I would recommend the NEXUS especially for other teachers who are in charge of an education access station,” Bandy said. “It’s great, number one because it’s so easy to use. It’s completely automated. And two, you can spend more of your time teaching your students compared to other servers out there.”

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