City of Chandler

City of Chandler, AZ
Chandler, Arizona chooses NEXUS digital video server for ease-of-use, product performance, and LEIGHTRONIX reputation
Experience with broadcast technology company prompts local government to choose an all-digital server solution
Video Production Supervisor, Bob Leister
Video Production Supervisor for the City of Chandler, Bob Leister, found the NEXUS video server to be a valuable mix of powerful features and affordability.

Having had previous experience with using solutions from LEIGHTRONIX to control the City of Chandler’s government access programming, Video Production Supervisor Bob Leister was already convinced that LEIGHTRONIX was the company he’d like to continue working with when the all-digital NEXUS® video server was released.

“When the NEXUS came out it was like a light-year jump in technology,” Leister said. “The product was and still is amazing.”

After upgrading his workflow when implementing the NEXUS video server in 2007, Leister continues to be pleased with the company, recommending the product to neighboring access centers whenever the subject of playback servers comes up.

“I always say, you should really look into LEIGHTRONIX, it’s affordable for a city and it’s easy to use,” Leister said. “I tell them that the value they are getting for this product is worth it, rather than looking at systems that are 20, 30, 40 thousand dollars and unrealistic for what they really need.”

The NEXUS video server combines digital video server technology, DVD and VCR control, video/audio switching/routing, and digital video messaging all in one, two-rack unit. With a price point under $9,000, the NEXUS two channel video server even provides powerful management software that includes easy drag-and-drop scheduling with automatic error checking, amongst other popular features.

“The price was right, and it’s easy-to-use,” Leister said. “We’ve never had any technical problems with it either.”

City of Chandler Awards
The government access station has received multiple awards for various localized content created by staff.
NEXUS Scheduling Software
Leister appreciates the onscreen program guide feature of the server’s scheduling software that automatically pulls content from the station’s broadcast schedule.

The city’s government access station recently moved to a brand new state-of-the-art broadcast facility. There wasn’t much that was taken to the new facility other than the city’s NEXUS broadcast server.

“It was one of the few items that we brought over here that we used in our old building,” Leister said. “I didn’t want to see anything else in here.”

Chandler’s video production supervisor has become accustomed to some of the server’s features that are made easy through automation.

“I love the onscreen program guide,” Leister said. “Before we really had no way to tell viewers what programs were coming up next.”

The server’s onscreen program guide automatically pulls content from the station’s broadcast schedule and displays the time and title of the station’s upcoming ten programs.

“You can tell it to be up there for 10 seconds or so. When a program is over, that slide automatically comes up,” Leister said. “I can’t tell you how much just that feature has helped viewers without extra effort from our staff.”

The server allows Leister to easily keep content fresh for viewers without spending time every day organizing his channel line up.

“We change out programs quite a bit,” Leister said. “But I probably only have to log into the NEXUS to make changes three times a week. It makes updating the schedule incredibly easy. ”

The easy schedule updates also provide more time for Leister and his staff to focus on producing new programming for the city’s channel. The station has won multiple awards for its various content specific to the City of Chandler community including “Sprinkler’s Clubhouse” an informational children’s show aimed at informing kids about various safety topics. Other shows include council meetings, “Come out and Play,”an informational show about the city’s parks, the “Chandler Minute,” a speedy update on news in Chandler, and “Chandler in Focus,” a more lengthy program discussing timely topics within the City of Chandler.

“We can also broadcast a lot more programming without the problems that were inherent with our older tape deck solution,” Leister said.

Overall, Leister has enjoyed working with both LEIGHTRONIX and their broadcast products.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with LEIGHTRONIX, and I really love this product,” Leister said. “I wouldn’t think of using anything else.”

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