Canton Township Community Television

Canton Township Community Television
Canton Township Community Television
Canton Township Community Television turned to LEIGHTRONIX for a reliable broadcast system they could trust
The cable crew no longer has to worry about spending time or money on maintaining their broadcast system
David Harris
"I don't even have to worry about failures anymore," Cable Television Supervisor David Harris said.

For Cable Television Supervisor David Harris of Canton Township Community TV, switching to LEIGHTRONIX meant making the switch to a reliable broadcasting system, one that he wouldn’t have to waste valuable time maintaining.

“The UltraNEXUS™ is one of the best products that we’ve used due to its reliability and affordability,” Harris said. “The price, for what you get and the things it can do, and the things it can do well, without constant maintenance and updating, it’s worth every penny.”

Having had previous experience with LEIGHTRONIX products Harris knew that switching back, from using another company’s server, would mean continuous reliability.

“One of the reasons I decided to go back to LEIGHTRONIX products was never having any problems with the LEIGHTRONIX PRO-16’s. We had continual problems with the server we used after that from a different company,” Harris said.

Switching back also meant not having to put in hours of overtime for Harris and his staff.

“My favorite part of LEIGHTRONIX and the UltraNEXUS is not coming in on the weekends,” Harris said. “I used to have to have my phone on 24/7 and then whenever it rang, I would get a pit in my stomach knowing I had to go in to fix the server. Thanks to the reliability of the UltraNEXUS I don’t even have to think about failures anymore.”

TV Production Assistant and Editor of Canton Township Community TV, Matt Streicher, recently came into work out of habit after a bad thunderstorm that had caused a power outage. It was then he realized he would no longer have to.

“In the past we’d have to come in when the power went out and reset and reload somethings and make sure everything was running on time,” Streicher said. “Recently I came in out of habit to check on the UltraNEXUS after an outage. Everything was already on and the scheduled show was already running.”

Another LEIGHTRONIX product that’s saved the Canton Township Cable Department valuable time is the PEGvault-SD™. The PEGvault-SD captures video and audio from a live feed, VCR, or any other video source you want to record and produces high-quality digital media files for playback.

“The PEGvault-SD is a true time saver,” Harris said. “When we taped our board and planning commission meetings before we had the PEGvault-SD we would tape our meetings and then bring them over to the studio and then have to ingest them into the server. If we had a four hour meeting it would take another four hours to ingest and upload the video. Now, with the PEGvault-SD, as soon as the meetings over, it’s done, we bring it over to the studio, hook it up to the UltraNEXUS and it’s done.”

The UltraNEXUS has saved the staff at CCTV not only time and money, but space, having been able to convert their once two rack system into a half a rack of equiptment.

For Streicher what used to take hours can now be done in minutes. “It takes maybe 20 minutes at most to load a file from the PEGvault-SD into the UltraNEXUS, and that’s including the time it takes to add the in and out points on the UltraNEXUS’s interface, drag and drop it into the library and schedule it to broadcast.”

The PEGvault-SD also offers the capability of live broadcasting by digitally sending a file to the UltraNEXUS as it records.

“When we have a new video, we just pop it in to upload, drag it over to the UltraNEXUS’s library, and then drop it into the time slot for scheduling,” Streicher said. “There is also no need for me to check up on our channel with the UltraNEXUS. Every video plays at the exact second it needs to, it’s just amazing.”

Canton Townships Cable Channel has also gained a more professional look from using LEIGHTRONIX products.

“The TOTAL INFO® subscription has made our channel look more professional, like a news channel or news station, rather than just a local access channel,” Streicher said. “It looks a lot crisper, cleaner and concise.”

The LEIGHTRONIX TOTAL INFO subscription allows for localized information to be added to any local cable channels regular program line-up. It includes localized weather and traffic, along with up-to-date news, sports, financials, and daily trivia.

Canton Township incorporates the TOTAL INFO dynamic video content slides with their in-house bulletin board slides

“It’s updated all the time, we enjoy the timely information it provides, like local weather,” Streicher said. “It’s really changed our bulletin board slides up so they aren’t just the same old slides rotating.”

Streicher recommends implementing a LEIGHTRONIX broadcast solution to all municipalities, even those who don’t have experience in broadcast because of it’s ease of use and because of how much work the system actually does for you.

“The program isn’t designed in really technical terms so that you don’t have to have previous experience as a TV editor or engineer to know it,” Streicher said. “I’m confident that an everyday person who wanted to learn how to incorporate this system, could do it easily.”

To Harris, when sending a message to your community, using a reliable system that he can trust to deliver things on time is a must.

“One of the most important parts of having a community access station, is the ability to get that information out to residents,” Harris said. “Without a reliable broadcast system to run an access channel on, people miss out on vital information that they need.”

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