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Executive Director of Cable 9, Jeff Cole
Cable 9 expands local educational and community programming worldwide with reach of PEG Central streaming video-on-demand
Station implements UltraNEXUS digital video server to optimize workflow and ultimately boosts viewership worldwide
Executive Director of Cable 9, Jeff Cole
Executive Director Jeff Cole optimized their station’s workflow with the UltraNEXUS video server from LEIGHTRONIX in December of 2009.

In December of 2009 Cable 9 implemented the UltraNEXUS™ digital video server from LEIGHTRONIX. The advanced video server optimized their station’s workflow with the addition of PEG Central™, allowing the station to expand its viewership to the Internet through streaming video-on-demand.

Having been involved with Cable 9 since the station was incorporated over 30 years ago, Executive Director Jeff Cole was hesitant to make the leap to having such an accessible online presence. Cole soon changed his mind after expanding the station’s presence online to reach viewers outside the reach of traditional cable.

“When you’ve been in cable television as long as I have, first I thought, I don’t want anything online because if people at home know they can get it online they aren’t going to sign up for cable and it’s going to hurt us financially,” Cole said. “Having used PEG Central, my outlook has changed to the more people that I can get our programming to the better. For that, PEG Central has just been wonderful.”

Cable 9 covers programming for three separate school systems and seven different area communities. Offering programming online using PEG Central has allowed area residents who don’t have access to Cable 9 programming through cable a chance to view everything from high school athletic events to school concerts. The streaming video-on-demand site has also given the station the opportunity to expand its viewership within the communities Cable 9 covers.

Cole has been involved with Cable 9 since it was incorporated over 30 years ago. The station has used LEIGHTRONIX products to broadcast for over 15 years.
PEG Central
Cable 9 utilizes PEG Central's analytics feature to gather information on not only how many people are viewing each video, but how long each video is being viewed, and where viewers are located within the world.

“It’s great for not just some of the people that live in the communities, but it’s great for those viewers such as grandparents who might live across the county and are now able to watch student programming,” Cole said.

Traffic to the station’s PEG Central site has continued to increase since its implementation into the station’s broadcast workflow. Cole keeps track of the number of viewers visiting the station’s PEG Central site through its administrative interface where an included analytics feature provides information on not only how many people are viewing each video, but also how long each video is being viewed, and where viewers are located within the world through their IP addresses.

“I check the statistics portion of the administrative panel at least two to three times a week,” Cole said. “Our actual traffic increase from last month to this month is up 266 percent, and we’ve tracked hits from 14 different countries and 37 states.”

“They always want to know how many people are watching and what kind of totals individual districts or communities are getting. I can’t tell them television wise how many people are watching through cable, but thanks to LEIGHTRONIX I can get on PEG Central and see actual numbers and offer them how many people are coming to the site and where they are coming from,” Cole said. “They are very pleased with the numbers we’ve been getting and so am I.”

Cole has been impressed with both the site’s affordability and ease-of-use when it comes to the station’s overall broadcast and streaming workflow.

“For us, affordability was huge,” Cole said. “But what really caught my eye was the relative ease-of-use for a novice like me. I’m not a real big techy guy. Both the UltraNEXUS and PEG Central are the only things that I’ve been trained on here that I’ve been able to pick up immediately.”

Cole has been particularly impressed with how easy LEIGHTRONIX makes getting programming onto the station’s PEG Central site. Every time the UltraNEXUS records a program, dual encoders create two digital media files with identical content — one for broadcast and one optimized for streaming on the Web. The file optimized for the Web is automatically transferred to the station’s PEG Central site where Cole can then add custom metadata, in and out points and video indexing. He can also embed links to related Internet resources, such as PDFs.

“The icing on the cake on top of the ease of getting programming to our PEG Central site is the actual quality of the video itself once it gets there,” Cole said. “With PEG Central, our video quality has been exceptional. It actually looks like tape.”

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