Brunswick City School District

Brunswick Schools rely on Web for holiday programming overflow

In Brunswick, Ohio, the Brunswick City School District relies on the UltraNEXUS and PEG Central for delivering programming to the community and beyond. Under the direction of John Wasylko, students in the Brunswick educational access television club (The Beat) produce award-winning television programming for broadcast on local cable access Channel 22 by the UltraNEXUS video server/controller. Pulling double duty, the UltraNEXUS also automatically sends programming to the Brunswick Schools' PEG Central account, making videos available on-demand via the Internet.

Holiday programs from eleven district schools shown online in their entirety!

John Wasylko, Community Relations Director and Video Club Advisor
John Wasylko, the community relations director and
advisor to The Beat video club, prepares for a shoot.

With more holiday events than they could possibly broadcast on their local cable channel, Brunswick City School District recently turned to their new LEIGHTRONIX PEG Central™ Web hosting and streaming video-on-demand service to bring student-produced television programming to the community.

During the 2008 holiday season, Brunswick video club students were busy capturing holiday programs from the city's eleven district schools. Programming from multiple elementary schools and coverage of the high school band, orchestra, and wind ensemble all filtered back to the school video club for post production, editing, and eventual broadcast on the local cable channel.

Already with a full lineup of student-produced programming, the video club had few openings in the broadcast schedule to replay holiday events. To cope, club members turned to their new Web video-on-demand capabilities provided by LEIGHTRONIX. The programs were easily uploaded to the Brunswick City School District's custom PEG Central account and made available in their entirety as convenient on-demand videos.

Good news travels fast and the availability of the locally produced programming spread quickly throughout the community with a very minimum amount of promotion. Within the first two weeks of posting, statistics provided by the PEG Central server showed almost 2,000 hits had occurred.

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