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City increases the quality of life for residents by providing a new PEG Central streaming video-on-demand site, hosted by LEIGHTRONIX
The streaming site that provides residents access to community-based information has become vital for the City of Avon Lake
Fran Fisher, Avon Lake's Cable Access Manager
The City of Avon Lake was able to easily upgrade to the UltraNEXUS by taking advantage of cost-effective incentives offered to current customers.

After using the streaming solution for less than a year, the City of Avon Lake, OH feels their PEG Central™ site is a vital part of their community. The popular streaming video-on-demand solution from LEIGHTRONIX has allowed the city to expand beyond the cable station’s boundaries, reaching both residents without cable and viewers who live outside of the city.

“It’s been a very positive experience, especially for those who don’t have access to our cable channel,” the city’s mayor, Karl K.C. Zuber said. “It’s become vital for getting city wide information to the entire community and providing video-on-demand has turned into one of those things that is a quality of life issue for the community.”

Aiding in its popularity, the city’s new streaming video-on-demand site, hosted by LEIGHTRONIX, also allows residents to access information without the time constraints that their cable channel presents.

“It’s makes things instantaneous, to where as before, residents would have to wait for the time a program was scheduled to watch it on cable,” Zuber said. “Now residents have continuous access to all programming and they never have to wait to get information.”

The ability to access city information and recorded meetings has eliminated the need for residents to request copies of community programming they want to watch, according to the city’s cable access manager, Fran Fisher.

“If somebody wants to know what was said at a meeting about the dog ordinance, I can direct them to our PEG Central account where they can get that information,” Fisher said. “The city has always strived to do a good job of making all information available, this is just our latest tool. Our PEG Central account has made accessing information quicker, easier, and made the transition online easy for our residents.”

The ease-of-use of the city’s PEG Central site has allowed the cable channel to focus in on more community-based programming outside of the broadcast channel’s main focus of city government.

Fisher uses the WebNEXUS interface to view list of programming.
LEIGHTRONIX products provide easy-to-use administrative tools, allowing users to access both scheduling and video-on-demand interfaces remotely.
Avon Lake PEG Central Site
The City of Avon Lake utilizes PEG Central’s file folders and keyword search option to make it easy for viewers to find media concerning any topic quickly and easily.

“When people come into our community they are often not used to public access content or having town meetings available to residents,” Zuber said. “Both have proved to be an asset to the community. It’s become vital for the city itself to be able to see programming about the community.”

To measure the impact and popularity of programming placed on the city’s PEG Central site, Fisher utilizes PEG Central’s ability to track viewer statistics. The data tracked includes how many people watched each program, the duration of time each program was watched, and overall bandwidth usage for the entire site.

“Something that we started doing that has generated a lot of interest on our PEG Central site is an oral history of Avon Lake,” Fisher said. “When those get onto PEG Central they are very popular. The site has also allowed programming like that series to be seen by those who once resided here, but have since moved away.”

The city’s PEG Central site also provides convenient remote accessibility options for Fisher. The ability to access and publish programming to the site comes in handy for Fran who works part-time for the station and often finds herself hitting the publish button from home so that residents can have access to media even faster.

“I can log in and access it from anywhere. So I don’t have to be in our studio to provide viewers with the latest programming,” Fisher said. “That means that after city council meetings are uploaded to our site the night before, I’m able to make it live from home while having my morning coffee. That has been such a luxury because most days the studio doesn’t open until noon.”

PEG Central’s easy-to-use features are just a part of what attracted the city’s broadcast studio to a LEIGHTRONIX branded streaming solution. Before upgrading to the all-in-one record, broadcast, and streaming solution, the city utilized a NEXUS® digital broadcast server. Having the opportunity to take advantage of an upgrade special allowed the city to easily add the low cost streaming solution to their list of ways to communicate.

“LEIGHTRONIX is always thinking of their current customers, and they take care of their current customers,” Fisher said. “We made the leap to the UltraNEXUS™ because of the favorable pricing that they offered current NEXUS users. The incentive they offered helped us to improve our communication and stay current while saying within our yearly budget.”

The company has continued to make a positive impact on the city’s budget by offering free extras such as software and firmware upgrades, and technical support.

“I just can’t say enough about LEIGHTRONIX customer support,” Fran said. “You will always get a person who is knowledgeable and they care about making every last detail perfect for the customer before hanging up the phone.”

The obvious value that LEIGHTRONIX places on their customers is just one of the reasons that the City of Avon Lake has continued to go back to the company for broadcast and streaming solutions.

“We don’t even look anywhere else now,” Fran said. “We just go straight to LEIGHTRONIX. Running into them at trade shows is always a pleasure. They are always very helpful and enthusiastic. They make an outstanding product, and once you purchase it they are right there beside you offering continued support. Plus, their products are not expensive and they are simply easy to use.”

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